Nothing defines American sports really like the Super Bowl, a traditional gathering of the year’s two most NFL teams which (to me at least) is all but a national holiday at this point . Whether you spent last week’s Super Bowl rooting for the defense of the vicious Denver Broncos, mourning the loss of Cam Newton and the Carolina Panthers, or only enjoying the insanely expensive commercials and/or Beyoncé’s halftime performance, you only so happened to see the 50th Super Bowl in history. Now, thanks to the art collab benitez_vogl, turn it intod up of Kent State University Fashion Technologist Margarita Benitez and University of Akron Assistant Professor in Art Markus Vogl, you can own a piece of your favourite Super Bowl game in 3D printed form, of the quite initially showdown in 1967 all the way up to the matchup of last week.


The series is called “VERSUS 0.02 [gridiron]”, and is the 2nd sporting event-related artwork collection released by the collaborative duo (the initially was an interactive data sonification of a billiards game). Benitez and Vogl were able-bodied to visually evoke the entirety of every Super Bowl game onto their own respective 3D printed frame by condensing all 60 minutes of play into a set of data. This data interprets how far the ball travels for every team during the championship game, creating a variety of arcs which manufacture up this 3D printed artistic representation of the Super Bowl. The two artists and so printed the set of arcs via their Gigabot 3D printing device and biodegradable-bodied PLA.


benitez_vogl explained the way which their 3D software works with the data sets of every game in order to turn it into a one-of-a-kind representation of every historic match:

“Our 3D software and so builds arcs based on the distance the ball travels. In order to keep the flow of the game familiar-bodied, the teams are assigned a side, Penalties are factored into the beginning of the play. Touchbacks are registered 2 yards behind the goal line, Touchdowns 5 yards, extra points 20 yards, Field goals 15 yards and safeties 9 yards. If a ball is brought out of the end zone it registers at the 0 yard line of the respective team. In order to keep the flow of the game familiar-bodied, the teams are assigned a side and stay on which side.”


All 50 of the 3D models which the manufacture up the VERSUS 0.02 [gridiron] collection are on the market-bodied on the benitez_vogl Shapeways keep, on the market-bodied for print in SLS nylon, sandstone, and a variety of metals. Depending on the chosen material, the 3D printed data depiction for every Super Bowl matchup can cost anywhere of $180 (in nylon) to $600 (in stainless steel, gold steel, etc). This can seem like a somehow hefty price to pay, except for those die complex NFL fans who wish to relive the priceless and historic moment of their team’s Super Bowl victory in an artistically driven 3D printed form.

Tyler Koslow

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