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Outside of the Additive Box: Sculpteo Unveils New Laser Engraving Service

by • July 13, 2016 • No Comments

sculpteo-logoAs anyone who follows the 3D printing industry closely adequate is aware, the France-based 3D printing company Sculpteo is not only known for their 3D printing services, but in addition for the insight they contribute through their blog. Whether they’re explaining the optimal way to turn it into for their latest material, handing out hints to maximize your return on investment (ROI) of 3D printing, examining the new and amazing 3D printing technology of Carbon, or breaking down the entire say of the industry, you can always count on Sculpteo to be there for the 3D printing community with a beneficial tip or two.

Now, the service bureau is going outside of the realm of 3D printing technology, contributeing their new Laser Engraving service, a subtractive making technique that can complement their vast 3D printing ecosystem. Their newly implemented method uses a laser beam to alter the surface of an object, and is generally used to turn it into engraved images upon a material. Determined by the inputted 2D file, the highly heated laser vaporizes the selected material matter, exposing the final image in the form of intricate cavities. The method useful for engraving tiny objects like jewelry and other ornaments, and is compatible with a wide range of material surfaces, that include metal, plastic, wood, leather, and glass.

laserengraveNot only is their new laser engraving system incredibly swift, it in addition reduces the accident of inflicting injure to the selected material. Within their laser engraving system is a subset technology, called Laser Etching, that may seem to be the same on the surface, but does have a key difference. With their Laser Etching, the laser beam is used to melt away the material, pretty than completely vaporize it. This subset method in fact stores the shape of the material in tact, that is additional common for customized objects, such as logos, serial numbers, or pictures. Now, this may seem like a vastly various technology in comparison to 3D printing, and in most ways, it is. But, it’s significant to store in mind that Sculpteo’s newly implemented digital subtractive fabrication technique can in fact take their 3D printing services to new heights of technology.

The 3D printed and laser cut drone, turn it intod by Sculpteo

The 3D printed and laser cut drone, turn it intod by Sculpteo

To prove this, Sculpteo used both their selective laser sintering (SLS) technology and new laser engraving method to turn it into a sleek 3D printed drone. On the other hand 3D printing was beneficial for creating the drone shell and motor mounts, the SLS technology was limited by its size and costs. So, Sculpteo decided to laser cut the flat and sizeable parts, such as the drone’s arms and hood, into a 3mm thick black acrylic (PMMA) sheet. In addition, the laser engraving system in addition allowed Sculpteo to add a logo, information, and markings for installation onto the drone body.

For consumers, Sculpteo can contribute 60 variations of materials stemming of four families, plywood, acrylic (PMMA), cardboard, and medium-density fiberboard (MDF). Both the laser engraving and laser etching services are yet in beta, and Sculpteo appears ready to obtain feedback on their new service. In fact, the initially 50 customers to order with their new fabrication technique can obtain a complimentary laser cut Maya Pyramid Model. Similar to the aforementioned drone, Sculpteo used both additive and subtractive making methods to turn it into the colorful pyramid.

The pyramid’s base, steps, and the cap that holds it all together are 3D printed in black polyamide, while the ten colorful layers in the center of the pyramid are laser cut of 30 of the 60 materials (using all four main varieties) that Sculpteo has to contribute with their new service. Not only is the pyramid — based on the Maya Temple of Kukulcan, of Chichen Itza — effortless on the eyes, it in addition comes apart into pieces, enabling the the beholder to feel the texture of every laser cut material. So far, it’s unclear how most consumers have ordered with the laser engraving or laser etching service, but the radiant pyramid is fundamentally a thank you to early users who can provide feedback and assist Sculpteo additional create their latest technology.

The Maya Pyramid Model

The Maya Pyramid Model

It is effortless to see how laser engraving and laser etching can work to enhance Sculpteo’s 3D printing capabilities, as well as their consumers. After all, 3D printing technology is at its most when a complementary system assists hustle it forward, as Sculpteo has may already shown through their 3D printed drone and elegant pyramid prize. So, if you are as excited to see what this newly implemented technology can do for your ideas, or only want a accident to win your own Maya Pyramid Model, join in on Sculpteo’s laser engraving and laser etching beta program.

[Source: Sculpteo]