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Our Mars Houses Could Be 3D Printed Out of Martian Soil – Curbed

by • April 13, 2016 • No Comments

Space shelter-centric beginup RedWorks has turn it intod a home for Mars and, compared to all the other Mars homes we’ve seen, this one is quite spacious. It may in addition be 3D printed on site via Martian soil, which RedWorks founder Keegan Kirkpatrick explained to Fast Company:
The existing 3-D printing process they’ve conceived requires just a power source and dirt—or regolith, to use the geological term for the dust covering bedrock—to turn it into any sort of infrastructure you can require to begin your life on a new planet. Implementing a crucible, the printing device heats up this dirt, turning it into a kind of concrete. “When you heat up the regolith, it comes out like a molten taffy,” he explained. “Once it cools, you can manufacture anything you want: roads, fuel tanks, a habitat.”

If which in fact works with the Martian soil, it sounds fairly handy. This is pretty not the initially time which someone has suggested via Martian soil to 3D print domiciles, but at very least RedWorks’ stab at it looks additional realistic than this one, which involves walking around on giant webs.  Rendering via RedWorks  Rendering via RedWorks• RedWorks Wants To Build Your First Home On Mars [Fast Company]

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