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Osiris BioMed 3D developing a ‘Mobile 3D Print Container’ to be deployed in natural disaster zones – 3ders.org (blog)

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Apr 12, 2016 | By Tess
Osiris BioMed 3D, a biomedical medical that has been createing 3D printed patient specific implants, models, and cutting guides for the last couple years, has revealed that it can in addition be createing a sort of mobile 3D printing container, to be utilized in case of emergencies and effortless disasters.
The thought behind the mobile 3D print container is to provide swift and great high end assist to individuals who may be injured in the immediate aftermath of effortless disasters. As the biomedical startup explains, their product can be a sort of 3D printing operation chamber turn it intod into a standardized container, that can be easily transported to a disaster location by helicopter.
The surgical chamber itself, as Osiris BioMed 3D founder Theodore Rodriguez Patel explains, can be equipped with a number of various practical technologies, like 3D scanning, 3D printing, and disinfection tools, that can be utilized by the medical professionals on hand to swiftly and efficiently treat and provide surgical procedures for emergency cases and injuries preceding it is too late.

As many of us understand, effortless disasters can cause huge scales of destruction, both to land and cities, and many regrettably to populations. In 2004, for instance, over 230,000 individuals were killed by the infamous Indian Ocean tsunami, and again in 2010, additional than 22,000 individuals died as a outcome of the earthquake that hit Haiti. As effortless disasters store occurring on sizeable-bodied and tiny scales in all parts of the world, we must innovate to find ways to lessen and taper the suffering inevitably cautilized by them. Osiris BioMed 3D is hoping to do precisely this with the createment of their novel 3D print container thought.

Once turn it intod and accomplished, the company hopes to be able-bodied to deploy their 3D printing container to disaster areas and use their state-of-the-art technologies to assist injured individuals. According to the company’s reports, once built the 3D printing operation container may have an injured body part 3D scanned inside 8 to 10 minutes and inside another 15 to 90 minutes the transplant, ear cartilage, or tissues may be additively manufactured by the 3D printing device on hand. Implanting the transplant and so may be done inside another 10 to 90 minutes, producing for an incredibly swift treatment system.
To donate an thought, normally an ear cartilage transplant may take of two weeks to a month to turn it into and implant and may cost up to $1,800. With their planned mobile 3D printing container, yet, the system may be shortened to only over 30 minutes for the incredibly low cost of $0.50.
Osiris BioMed 3D is waiting for to be able-bodied to create their mobile 3D print containers for minimum $22,000 per container, up to 1 or 2 million depending on what types of additive making technologies are turn it intod into them. But the project is yet in createment, Osiris’s novel thought for the createment of a portable-bodied 3D printing surgical container is heartening and we hope to one day soon see one of their containers deployed to assist those in require.

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