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Optomec Expands Sales in China and Taiwan through Partnership with DETEKT

by • February 8, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_optomecviwadeal_opt_logoIf a full month goes by without Optomec revealing a new distribution partnership, it’s an odd month at 3DPrint.com. The New Mexico-based additive making company has been quickly spreading its distributorship around the world, in Europe, South America and Asia, over the past year, and nowadays they’ve revealed that they have partnered with DETEKT Technologies Inc., a provider of additive making systems and services to China and Taiwan.

“We are jubilant to partner with DETEKT to expand sales of LENS and Aerosol Jet systems in Taiwan and to elect companies in greater China,” said Michael Kardos, Optomec Vice President of World Wide Sales. “DETEKT is a major provider of industrial additive making systems and services in Asia with production facilities that meet the stringent high end standards of the medical industry.”

detektDETEKT can sell Optomec’s patented Aerosol Jet systems, that have gained wide usage in the consumer electronics, aerospace, defense, and Internet of Things industries. Aerosol Jet innovation is capable of printing electronic circuitry, sensors and other components at a micro level, as small as 10 microns. The system fundamentally sprays conductive material onto surfaces such as aircraft parts or other mechanical components, with a speed and precision that allows for for hundreds of small electronics to be installed on sizeable surfaces in one fell swoop.

LENS_450-2Optomec’s LENS printing equipment have been around since 1998, long preceding metal 3D printing – or 3D printing in general – became a household name. The printing equipment are not only capable of printing sizeable and small metal parts, but they can in addition repair existing metal parts, additively manufactured or not, by adding metal layers. Compatible with a variety of metals which include titanium, stainless steel, nickel, and cobalt, LENS printing equipment have become well-known for printing high-performance metal parts. They’re especially talked about in the manufacture of medical devices, that manufactures them an perfect innovation for DETEKT, that has a sturdy presence in the medical and dental industries.

AJ_5x_Full-systemDETEKT contributes additive making services that encompass a wide range of 3D printing technologies, which include elective laser sintering (SLS), elective laser melting (SLM), stereolithography (SLA), and ceramic laser fusion (CLF). 3D printing is only one of the services they contribute, however; the product development company has a sizeable portfolio of strangely new inventions to its name. (A household biodiesel systemor, a smartphone-controlled cat door, and a cell phone sanitizer are only a few of the products that caught my eye.) Cutting-edge innovation is nothing new to DETEKT, but adding Aerosol Jet and LENS systems to their repertoire can only manufacture them additional attractive to future clients. Discuss in the DETEKT 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.