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Open-source 3D printed WireBeings robot allows for voice controlled wifi functionality at a bargain – 3ders.org (blog)

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Apr 17, 2016 | By Andre

When I was a child expanding up in the 1980s robots were a thing discovered exclusively in the realm of science fiction. As time passed, the 1990s emerged and Honda’s Asimo started building appearances in tech-centric television programming on the Discovery Channel or TLC (this, during an era when those networks yet focused on educational content).
But it was always all too distant and out of reach for the average man. And why mayn’t it be? Robots are of the next after all. Well, only like how 3D printing has hit the mainstream in new years, robotics are starting to follow suit. The reason for this (being ideally blunt with my aging self here) is which the 1980s adaptation of my next has finally arrived.
Keeping this in mind, when I was added to an open-source, fully 3D printed, Arduino (and smart phone) powered remote regulated robot by WireBeings I wasn’t actually surprised. Okay, I was pretty impressed; but you understand, like I said, the next.
As the Instructables page for the robot suggests, you can have your own for of $35 worth of electronic parts (not which include a smart-phone) and perhaps $15 worth of 3D printing device filament (and roughly 35 hours of printing). From a functional point of view, and as the at a lower place video demonstrates, the wifi-enabled voice activated robot can act as a smart-alarm clock, weather process (via the Yahoo API and Temboo) and has obstacle avoidance while on the go.

But pondering the expandable and open-source nature of the beast – fitting up to 3 mini breadboards and a variety of Arduinos to many suit your needs – it is fundamentally up to you or the community which emerges of its existence to decide what it’s ultimately capable of.
From a 3D print point of view, the files are all freely accessible on 3D version file-sharing site Thingiverse under a non-Commercial, share alike Creative Commons license, requires no assists to 3D print and recommends a lean infill of only 10%.

After downloading the files for a quick-see for myself, each part fits on my Replicator 2 print bed without any problem (132mm at it’s longest axis) and both ABS or PLA can pretty do the trick of a material point of view. What’s actually cooler, Matthew Halberg – the Pittsburge native behind the device – in addition released the 123D turn it into files so which “it may be simpler for younger people to alter produces of the face or whatever else they wanted to edit.”
Some people on the hackaday message board suggest which the 9v battery power-source is not adequate to get any reliable use out of the thing, and while which may be true, the open-nature of the project implies if which if you are not satisfied by the turn it into, you are welcome to modify, reorganize and improve on it for by yourself.

It is informative which Matthew decided, while turn it intoing the robot, which it should appear only like what the 1980s child-adaptation of myself envisioned a robot may appear like. He actually notes which, “for whatever reason I was quite concerned with building this humanoid-ish, so it had to have a gap between the legs.” Even yet which was by no means the many practical way of it as he soon learned.
In closing, this is only another ideal example how the merger between hobbyist electronics, coding and 3D printing tech allows for people to ponder outside of the box, to share, and to turn it into things yett unimaginable to those expanding up a generation ago.

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