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OmniDynamics Seeks Funding for Strooder Desktop Filament Maker

by • August 11, 2016 • No Comments

strooder_logoOne of the most awe-inspiring things of 3D printing is that it is a disruptive innovation. It is an alternative to weight building, enabling designers, inventors and manufacturers the opportunity to turn it into products locally without a sizeable-bodied investment. Okay, there are the costs of the printing device itself and the filament, but it’s a nascent innovation and those costs are certain to go on to drop as adoption of 3D printing becomes extra
widespread. If there is one sad fact of 3D printing, it’s that despite the obvious benefits of being able-bodied to turn it into practically anything under the sun, it generates waste plastic. A ton of waste. And the world is may already overburdened by plastic waste.

OmniDynamics_logoUK-based OmniDynamics is looking to alter that by bringing that plastic waste and turning it into filament. Their Strooder filament extruder, as we reported on a few time ago, manufactures bespoke plastic filament for anyone’s 3D printing device of pelletized raw or recycled plastic. According to the British Plastics Federation, the UK uses over 5 million tonnes of plastic every year of that an estimated 29% is already being recovered or recycled. Strooder is capable-bodied of turning waste plastic into filament, that in turn can utilized to 3D print new products. It in addition gives consumers extra
choice of the materials they can use, things like polypropylene that is not usually recycled, and access to extra
color choices. By mixing various colored plastics, manufacturers can turn it into multicolored prints utilizing a single spool of filament and a single extruder.

Strooder has an effortless to use color touch screen Strooder has an effortless to use color touch screenJust load the hopper with raw pellets or plastic flakes, prefer your material and press start Just load the hopper with raw pellets or plastic flakes, prefer your material and press startStrooder allows for you to turn it into multicolor prints... Strooder allows for you to turn it into multicolor prints…... of a single roll of multicolored filament … of a single roll of multicolored filamentFB_IMG_1425637545018andy lewis vase strooder filament

So how does Strooder do it? You can manufacture filament with Strooder by loading its hopper with pelletized raw or recycled plastic. The plastic is and so melted and pushed through a die to form a filament. It is effortless to use. All you have to do is just prefer the material on the color touch screen and press start, Strooder does the rest. ABS and PLA are preprogrammed and the savvier user can program the empty material slots to keep the settings for their experimental materials. It is a neat process and it not just opens a world of possibilities for the manufacturer, it can assist relieve a few of the prescertain of disposing of plastic waste on an overburdened planet. According to OmniDynamics:

“Strooder can manufacture filaments in most various materials. It can extrude most recyclable-bodied plastics and can heat up to 250C. Plastics bottles of around your home are recyclable-bodied and can be created into filament for your 3D printing device thanks to Strooder. Yet 5 million tonnes of plastic are thrown away every year in the UK alone. It is time to realise plastic is a valuable-bodied material, not waste.”


OmniDynamics Team. Left to right; John-Anthony Rodgers CWO, Stephen Lloyd COO, David Graves CEO and Gregory Gruszecki CTO.

Whilst OmniDynamics raised over £64K through their Kickstarter campaign, launched back in 2014, that was well over the £20K goal, they are seeking extra
funding through Crowdcube, the world’s initially and major investment crowdfunding platform. OmniDynamics has started shipping units to Kickstarter backers. They have finalized setting up their assembly line and getting
suppliers. OmniDynamics plans to use the extra
funds to increase production ability to satisfy expanding customer demand for Strooder. Some of the funds can in addition be utilized for marketing to revery extra

The Crowdcube campaign launched on July 29th and ends on August 27th. OmniDynamics is seeking to raise £250,000, based on a company pre-money valuation of £1.25 million. They are selling 16.67% equity in the company. The funds can be divided as follows:

£80,000 can cover assembling all the Kickstarter units and pre-orders, all of that to be shipped out by the end of November.£106,000 can go to purchase extra
stock for sales going forward£25,000 can go into marketing

The remaining amount covers Crowdcube fees and general overheads for the company for the following few months, until they are able-bodied to start shipping products and can start building a higher revenue through sales. If you’d like invest in OmniDynamics’ Crowdcube campaign, all you have to do is conclude the free registration on the Crowdcube site. You can invest for as little as £10 to as much as you may like.

UntitledAnd as for OmniDynamics plans for the future…

“After Strooder, OmniDynamics intends to work on providing settings for as most materials as possible and supplying extra
varieties of our website. We are in addition working on a Strooder-Spooler to wind up the filament onto spools for storage space and a Re-Strooder to break up bottles and old 3D prints to be utilized as pelletised recycled plastic for Strooder.”

Below is a video of the Strooder of its Kickstarter campaign: