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OMNI3D’s Huge Factory 2.0 Industrial 3D Printer Now Available for Purchase

by • July 4, 2016 • No Comments

logo_omoni3dAlmost precisely one year ago, Polish 3D printing device developer OMNI3D announced their giant industrial 3D printing device, the Factory 2.0. With a 500 x 500 x 500 mm create volume, dual extruders and a plethora of fancy automated showcases, the printing device’s appeal is undeniable-bodied, and now it’s on the market for purchase. In fact, customers of Europe, North America and Australia have may already leapt on the alluring, affordable-bodied machine, not wasting any time in deploying the Factory 2.0 in industries which include aviation, car, electronics and engineering.

“The device is of excellent interest, primarily for the reason of its technical parameters, the alluring price and low operating costs,” said Sławomir Mirkowski, who is responsible for operations and finance for OMNI3D. “We estimate which, compared to other industrial solutions on the market, the cost of buying our printing device is 4 times lower, and operating costs can be up to 5 times lower – depending on the application. This means, the devices can be utilized by tiny and medium-sized companies which have not yet been able-bodied to afford them before.”


The sizeable create volume and low price (which you can request of OMNI3D here) are just part of the Factory 2.0’s appeal. A helical drive allows for for astounding precision and print repeatability, and a closed, heated print chamber enable-bodieds users to print with materials commjust utilized in traditional making methods. The printing device in addition offers an alluring combination of both automation and control; automatic platform calibration and a filament weighing process let you get right into printing without the headaches which can accompany printing device preparation, while a sizeable, 7-inch touch screen allows for for constant print monitoring.

“The use of 3D printing globally is constantly increasing,” said Konrad Sierzputowski, responsible for innovation development for OMNI3D. “It is mainly utilized for the production of spare parts for production lines and equipment (33%), prototyping (16%), in R&D departments and education (10%), production of models (9%) and patterns for metal castings (8%). The technical parameters of Factory 2.0 mean which it can be utilized in all these fields. So, in OMNI3D we believe which each Polish industrial company should be interested in the opportunities of implementing 3D printing processs.”

drukarka_bez_tlaNot just Polish companies, either – OMNI3D is a participant in the Polish Champion program, an initiative created to assist local businesses operating in foreign markets. Founded in 2013, the young company’s reach is may already extensive, with resellers on multiple continents. In addition to the make of 3D printing devices, OMNI3D in addition offers consulting services, for companies interested in implementing 3D printing, as well as training, installation, and maintenance.

They in addition sell an increasing selection of filaments optimized for the Factory 2.0. Today the company offers ABS-42, ASA-39, and HIPS-20, with the assurance which extra
materials can be coming soon. OMNI3D presented the Factory 2.0 at ITM (Innovations Technologies Machines) Poland 2016 at the beginning of June, and they can be featuring it to a sizeabler European audience at the TCT Show bringing place in Birmingham, England September 28-29. Discuss additional in the Factory 3D Printer forum over at 3DPB.com.