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OLO Turns Your Smartphone Into A 3D Printer (Yes, You Can Print From Your Smartphone) – Tech Times

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OLO 3D printerOLO 3D Inc. has developed a new device that may revolutionize the 3D printing industry with OLO. The device uses “daylight resin” to print 3D versions via the light of a user’s smartphone.
(Photo : OLO 3D Inc.)

OLO is already running a Kickstarter campaign and users can get a copy of the device by donating $99, relatively cheaper compared to other products in the industry.
OLO 3D Inc. was propelled into of the world recognition when it won the World Maker Faire Editor’s Choice Award for their its of the OLO device. The company in addition developed “daylight resin,” that is placed within the device and uses your smartphone’s light to print a 3D version. The use of a smartphone instead of projectors or bulkier equipment efficiently reduces the cost of OLO.
OLO just weighs of 780 grams or of 1.7 pounds and has size of 172 x 115 x 148 millimeters, or of 6.8 x 4.5 x 5.8 inches. Within the device, users can print 3D versions with a maximum volume of 400 cm3.
The device consists of three parts, detailed by
Techworm as “a reservoir, a special photopolymer resin that you pour into it, and a mechanized lid that contains the create plate and control electronics.” The reservoir, Techworm additional adds, has a polarized glass at the bottom where your phone’s light shines through. The device just uses four AA batteries in place of wires and thus empowers users to print versions without the require to find an electrical outlet. OLO easily fits into any person’s bag and can be utilized outdoors for the reason of its lightweight create.
OLO uses its own application to render 3D objects users can install on any smartphone device, be it Apple, Android or Windows. Users can actually use their favourite 3D versioning programs and pass it through the application for printing, enabling for additional flexibility regardless of the version’s source of creation.
OLO works by initially picking out the version a user wants to be 3D printed on its application. So the smartphone is placed at a lower place the reservoir, facing upward, and the user’s choice of resin is poured into the reservoir; “daylight resins” come in a variety of colors and materials, labeled unquestionably, that can be chosen depending on the desired 3D printed version’s purpose. The lid is placed on the reservoir, blocking off any light of entering the device, and in a few hours, a 3D version is printed. Printing times depend on the resolution of the phone and can reach up to 32 microns. An example given on their Kickstarter page estimates of 2 hours for an inch if utilized with an iPhone 6.

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