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Olive robotic suitcase brings new meaning to carry on luggage

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Air travel is may already stressful adequate without having to trek long distances through what are fundamentally giant coach stations while dragging a bag on wheels behind you. There have been a number of attempts to relieve this situation in new years with foldable scooters and bags which can follow its owner’s smartphone, but Olive ups the ante by combining the two with full-on robotics.

  • Olive uses skeleton tracking to follow its owner
  • Sideview sketch of Olive
  • Olive converts into an electric scooter
  • Olive has a 3D scanner

Olive is the brainchild of Iran-based Ikap Robotics, and although it may appear like a standard piece of luggage, it has a Segway-like, self-balancing auto-locomotion process which maintains stability while riding on two wheels by via 3D accelerometers and gyroscopes. With an in-built stereoscopic camera, it can create up a visual map of its surroundings and follow its owner via skeleton tracker algorithms which is claimed to allow Olive to distinguish people actually in crowded environments.

Olive uses skeleton tracking to follow its owner

Billed as the world’s initially intelligent suitcase, Olive can provide reminders, tell its owner to hurry if time is short, and has a built-in scale to warn of excess mass. If the gate is a bit far, a pair of foot rests fold out and Olive becomes a two-wheel balancing Segway-like vehicles which can carry its owner at a walking pace to the destination. Once there, the robot’s battery can charge transportable devices.

According to Ikap, Olive connects with its owner’s smartphone or other devices via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth via an app which allows for for full control. The app can locate the bag wherever it is via GPS and 3G/4G innovation, and it has an automatic lock/unlock mechanism in case it is actually left unattended as well as provide alarms if it is actually disturbed. The lock in addition works with NFC innovation, so keys are redundant.

Ikap Robotics took out initially place in the Service Robotics section of the 2016 Automatica Start-up World Competition held in Munich last month and the company says it is already seeking investment and collaboration to additional create and make Olive. We tried to contact the makers regarding the current say of createment of Olive, its estimated price and future availability, and can update this story if we hear back.

The video at a lower place shows Olive strutting its stuff.

Source: Ikap Robotics

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