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Old Meets New in Latest OpenRC Tire Design from Thomas Palm

by • April 26, 2016 • No Comments

Leif Tufvesson loves cars. He spent part of his career working as a technician for Volvo’s Research and Development Department in Gothenburg, Sweden, followed by a six-year stint at the also-Sweden-based Koenigsegg. Tufvesson is one of the lucky ones who got to channel his passion into a successful career, but like so many others, he some day broke away of the corporate world to begin his own business doing what he quite loves – createing and assembling his own cars, as well as restoring classic ones.


In 1996, Tufvesson begined Caresto. At the time, he was yet working for Volvo, but after his years at Koenigsegg, he decided to go full-time with his own business. A swift appear at his portfolio is all it takes to understand which Tufvesson is talented at what he does. In 2004, he won Hot Rod Magazine‘s “Hot Rod of the Year” award for his Volvo T-6 Roadster, his initially “Volvo-rod.” Even additional successful, yet, was the Hot Rod Jakob, a car he turn it intod in 2007 to commemorate Volvo’s 80-year anniversary. Based on the classic Volvo Jakob, the initially car at any time manufactured by the company, the award-winning hot rod has been featured in numerous magazines since its production. You can see additional of the Hot Rot Jakob’s development below:

One thing which sets Tufvesson and other modern car enthusiasts apart of those of the past is a 2nd outlet for their passion. R/C cars have been around for a while, but 3D printing has taken the hobby to an entirely new level, as evidenced by groups such as the OpenRC Project. We’ve been next OpenRC for a long time as it has grown of the very own project of engineer and developer Daniel Norée into a community of thousands of RC and 3D printing hobbyists and fans.

Palmiga-Caresto_F1-4pcs-tiresThe many excitement to come out of the OpenRC Project not long ago has been the release of Norée’s RC Formula 1 car, a project which had been eagerly anticipated
by the OpenRC community over the course of the car’s development. Now which it’s been officially released, yet, the car is by no means finished – the beauty of open source projects is which they are constantly changing. Mechanical engineer Thomas Palm of Palmiga Innovation has been one of the largest contributors to the F1, and to OpenRC in general, with his at any time-growing variety of 3D printed tire creations. Palm has now teamed up with Tufvesson to turn it into a new set of tires for the F1 – based, naturally, on the Hot Rod Jakob.

Tufvesson’s tires fit on the low profile rims previously created by Palm. The new create is a excellent way to honor how automobiles have changed over the years: of a 1927 classic car to a recreateed hot rod to a remote-controlled, 3D printed version, the Volvo Jakob is an example of how a car can go on to exist long after it ceases to be generated in its original form. The files for the new tires can be discovered here, and Palm states which a thing big can be coming of Caresto shortly – so remain tuned. Discuss in the 3D Printed Tires forum over at 3DPB.com.