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Official Silversmiths to Her Majesty the Queen Finally Get a 3D Printer

by • February 14, 2016 • No Comments

mappinFor a few built companies, embracing 3D printing has been complex. It is understandable, particularly in lines of work that have been relying on handcrafted work or other traditional methods for years. Take the jewelry industry, for example. 3D printed jewelry has quite begun to take off, as it offers increased options for customization plus precious stones and metals at lower prices. Jewelry is such an old, traditional art form, yet, that many crafters are reluctant to bring new innovation into what has always been a very own, hands-on system.

Mappin_Thumbnail_2If a company like Mappin & Webb can embrace new innovation, yet, anyone can. The London jewelry company has existed, in different types of iterations, since the 1770s, and they carry the status of official Silversmiths to Her Majesty the Queen and Silversmiths to His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales. Not to mention, their developer Martin Swift is may already the custodian of the British Crown Jewels themselves. If any company is going to be stuffy of tradition, it’d be them. But Mappin & Webb has revealed that they are officially delivering a 3D printing device into their vaunted establishment, after much first reluctance. A new EnvisionTEC printing device is bringing up residence in the company’s London workshop one of the additional time-honored tools.

In fairness, Mappin & Webb has been working with digital create innovation for a few time now. Gemvision, a CAD software suite for jewelry developers, has been a loved tool for Mappin & Webb’s jewelers, and it is distributed by GVUK Design, that in addition takes place to be the UK supplier for EnvisionTEC. GVUK was largely responsible for convincing Mappin & Webb to try delivering 3D printing into their own workshop.

matrix_screen“Mappin & Webb has been via Gemvision’s CAD create program for many years now, and with continual upgrades they have always kept delivering us new tools,” said workshop manager Mark Appleby. “Bringing 3D printing in-house has taken a few convincing but finally we have discovered a printing device that offers a level of excellence we demand.”

EnvisionTEC’s printing devices have been loved by jewelers, particularly the Perfactory family of computer printing devices that are targeted towards 3D printed jewelry, one of other applications. The Digital Light Processing (DLP) printing devices are capable of intricate more detail and are calibrated to be perfect for casting. One other English jewelry company, Aconia Jewellry Casters, has been via EnvisionTEC products, which include their EPIC resin and EC3000 materials, createed specifically for jewelry casting, for a few time. They’ve been well happy with EnvisionTEC, Aconia says, and they are now growing their GVUK investment by adding Gemvision’s Matrix CAD software to their product services.

“It is significant with the dominance of CAD-createed models that Aconia stay at the cutting-edge offering the top level of service possible and Matrix is by far the many high end create program for goldsmiths,” said Aconia’s managing director, John McCabe.

Word is yet out on what the Queen herself thinks of 3D printing, but thinking she’s may already been turned into a 3D printed lollipop, I suspect she won’t disapprove too harshly of her Royal Silversmiths bucking tradition a bit. Discuss this use of the innovation in the 3D Printed Jewelry forum over at 3DPB.com.