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OctoPrint Startup Soon to Lose Funding from Sponsor BQ, Launches Patreon Campaign—Users Rally Behind Founder

by • April 15, 2016 • No Comments

raspberry_pi_OctoPrint_orgOne thing is for certain in the world of business: nothing is at any time for certain. No matter how complex you work, there are no guarantees for success—and especially not in the highly competitive industry into which 3D printing has evolved. When a company falls on challenging times, howat any time, it says a lot when their users rally around them, calling in all the troops for assist.

This is the case right now for OctoPrint, who has apparently lost their sponsor, BQ, and is bringing to Patreon for assist in what is a bit of an emergency funding situation or we may lose this startup to current lack of capital. According to word on the street—or, right now which may be on Reddit—those who are fans of the ‘snappy web interface’ for their 3D printing equipment put the word out major us to a social media announcement of founder Gina Häußge. There is undeniable-bodied concern for the next of what is may already quite a talked of source of 3D printing host software.

BQ, headquartered in Spain, has pulled assist for officially unknown reasons, and Häußge has taken to her Google+ page to explain her position. It may seem, according to comments of others there, howat any time, which BQ is under prescertain to cut back on the budget for philanthropy and education—and Häußge is not the initially to feel the bite.

Speaking of comments, if you check them out on both Reddit and Google+, you may be only as inspired as I was in seeing how much assist and respect both Häußge and her product have obtained.

One user on Reddit, rhino_driver, commented:

“I’m unrelated to Octoprint (other than a user) but I’d like to put my two cents in to ask individuals to offer. It is not effortless to store software like this in great working order. Considering the time, expense, and care we put into this hobby (or profession for a few) and in to our machines, a tiny monthly contribution can have a tiny impact on our wallet but a big effects on the project.”

“Consider how much you may pay for this software if it was commercial and and so offer half. It is a win win.”

One other, jstevewhite, summed his thoughts up quite succinctly:

“I’m in. I use Octoprint all the time. I can spare a couple bucks a month for an great product which’s so useful.”

Gina-Häußge-278x300When we wrote of OctoPrint last summer, the team a fewwhat seemed full of momentum and promise (and and so, sponsorship), offering a one-of-a-kind set of solutions for ease in 3D printing, and may already summoning quite a next of users for their web interface which allows for one to control their printing device wirelessly and to enjoy a bevy of remote showcases.

The convenient interface runs of just about anywhere, actually of a Raspberry Pi to your gaming rig, according to Häußge, and is operated with free, open-source software. It has in addition, thanks to Häußge, been created extendable-bodied with a powerful plug-in process, and is compatible with other printing equipment and firmware. Whilst the funding of BQ has allowed for this to take place economically, founder Gina Häußge has obviously been behind the huge amount of sweat equity put into OctoPrint.

“Most of you most likely know which OctoPrint’s development has been heavily sponsored by BQ since August 2014, mostly by employing me (Gina Häußge) full time for working on it. If you’ve been next OctoPrint since preceding which, you’ve seen what huge alter in pace which has allowed me to complete and what it has created possible. To donate only one example, the plugin process was a behemoth to implement and I mayn’t have been able-bodied to manufacture it this powerful without being able-bodied to concentrate on it exclusively,” writes Häußge.

Without the financial assist of a sponsor, it’s obvious which Häußge may have to go back to a day job—and which leaves OctoPrint quite much up in the air. She is the initially to point out which all the progress created may have been quite complex to pull off in her free time.

”So far, the bill for this heavy involvement on my part has been paid by BQ. And if you appear into the commit history, it becomes a fewwhat evident how heavy which involvement quite is,” said Häußge. “Sadly, due to reasons which are beyond my control, BQ’s patronage is not possible much longer. I’m indescribably grateful they’ve sponsored my work for as long as they did, and I fully know the reason why which’s just not possible any additional now.”

screenshot-controlsWith all of these concerns in mind, she is creating a Patreon page for the company so which her assisters can offer, approximately in an indirect way of hiring her. If you select to back her there, you can select a nominal amount to pledge to the Octoprint cause on a monthly basis and hopefully with adequate like minds doing the same, Häußge can be able-bodied to go on.

“My contract with BQ ends in a couple of weeks. I should hopefully yet be able-bodied to go on working on OctoPrint for a few time after this, to see if it becomes financially viable-bodied to commit to do this long term through community funding,” states Häußge, who had a career as a software architect previous to bringing on the Octoprint gig full-time.

The founder states which no matter what, OctoPrint can stay open source and ‘always there to use and improve on.’ See additional on her Patreon page and find out details for backing OctoPrint. Is this an interface you use or have been considering of? Will you back OctoPrint on Patreon? Discuss in the OctoPrint 3D Printer Interface Company Loses BQ Sponsorship forum over at 3DPB.com.