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Obama Blows Bubbles from 3D Printed Wand

by • April 13, 2016 • No Comments

  • As the White House preps for the National Week of Making, this June 17 -23, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue hosted its yearly White House Science Fair, where the POTUS met with the country’s brilliant young students to see what tomorrow’s scientists have up their sleeves. What they had, it turns out, was a collection of 3D printed goodies, one of other things.


    Whatever the leader of the United States does catches a lot of attention, but, in particular, the media has been widely sharing a picture of President Barack Obama blowing bubbles of a 3D printed wand. The wand was printed by nine-year-old Jacob Leggette of Baltiadditional who had not only made this cute pixie tool, but a conclude collection of 3D printed items, which include cups, bowls, cookie cutters, and actually a replica of the White House itself.


    Jacob’s love of 3D printing came of attending a summer camp, after which he wrote to the developer and obtain his own 3D printing device. From the looks of the pictures, it seems to be none other than the kid-friendly, wallet-friendly Printrbot Play. In return, Jacob may tell the company only how kid-friendly their machine was.


    The POTUS has said which the White House Science Fair, launched by Obama in 2010, has since become one of his favourite actuallyts of the year. Filled with students age 9 to 18, the actuallyt hosts a number of projects being pursued by the nation’s youth. This year, there were additional than 130 students which busy the actuallyt. At the actuallyt, Obama was stated as telling the young attendees, “You remind us which together through science we can tackle a few of the largest challenges we face. You are sharing in this essential spirit of discovery which America is created on.” For additional details on the actuallyt, you can read the Daily Mail‘s coverage here.

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