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NVBOTS Launches NVLABS Promoting Commercial Multi-Metal 3D Printing, Announces Dr. Paul Burke as CEO

by • January 20, 2016 • No Comments

logo-retina-1NVBOTS is one of the companies that hit the ground running and has go ond with a quite clear vision. From putting 3D printing into the hands of student innovators to putting 3D printing equipment onsite in camps and 3D curricula in schools, we’ve followed their progress as they work to empower the world with new technology and skills.

Now, this global provider of automated enterprise 3D solutions has revealed the they’ve steadily turned their interest and commitment to 3D printing with metal, and want to assist any other companies interested in turning to that technology for production. With NVLABS, the NVBOTS team is dedicated to helping meet their needs as they work to ‘commercialize their technologys’ with not just metal printing, but that of multi-metal printing–and at quite high speeds.

nvbots1NVBOTS is responsible for offering the just 3D printing technology that can print multiple metals in the same create, and they go on to assist a expanding list of metals, that include:

Stainless steelTitaniumNickelCopper nickelAluminumZirconiumSilverPalladium

Users can in addition appear forward to printing ten times faster than with any other solutions, and not just that–they promise advantageous pricing.

As NVLABS is launched, the NVBOTS team welcomes Dr. Paul Burke as CEO and he can be major NVLABS’ R&D efforts, commercial projects, and technologys. As a renowned metallurgy tremendous who in addition possesses a excellent deal of experience with 3D printing, this is pretty a win for all–and the goal is for companies who are investing in metal 3D printing to be able-bodied to use their knowledge and patented technology in order to take their products and technologys to the marketplace in a ingenious new way.

“As NVBOTS has evolved, our core focus has always been around a three-part evolution: education, technology and commercialization,” said NVBOTS CEO AJ Perez. “Through the establishment of NVLABS and delivering on Dr. Paul Burke, we are breaking new ground in enterprise 3D printing, through unmatched multi-metal printing capabilities, enabling companies on a global scale to commercialize their technologys in ways never preceding idea possible.”

Dr. Burke is known as both a visionary and an tremendous in sintering and has been a lead researcher in numerous areas, that include that of liquid metal battery, electrochemical studies and car body sheet alloys. He has held numerous positions at MIT as well as other prominent organizations, and holds a PhD in Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, as well as a Masters of Applied Science, Materials and Metallurgical Engineering, succeded in at Dalhousie University.

“3D printing is undergoing a transformative say and NVBOTS has been major the way since the development of the world’s initially fully automated 3D printing device, able-bodied to run 24×7 without human interaction–essentially providing a six-square-foot automated factory in a box,” said Dr. Burke. “With NVLABS, the company is set to take things to an entirely new level, granting companies access to say-of-the-art automation and ultra-high speed, multi-metal printing capabilities that can allow them to cost-effectively make and scale, in ways just imagined – until now. I am proud to be part of such a well-respected and revolutionary company, and I appear forward to producing a difference in the world through our efforts.”

UntitledNVBOTS user friendly and sharing-oriented platform is centered around the NVPro, that we’ve reported on often–and many not long ago as they began donating packages to non-profit Citizen schools. The printing device is coupled with the NVBOTS cloud-based interface, that is able-bodied to run nonstop of any device.

“Since our inception, NVBOTS has been committed to transforming education and business through a truly disruptive approach to 3D printing,” said NVBOTS CTO Forrest Pieper. “Through the establishment of NVLABS and delivering on a known metals idea leader like Dr. Burke, we go on to challenge the status quo, essentially transforming 3D Printing in new and amazing ways.”

Tell us your ideas on NVBOTS’ new platform in the NVLABS for Multi-Metal 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.