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NVBOTS Announces General Availability of the NVPro, Featuring Patented Automated Part Removal

by • April 11, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_nvbots_logoThe NVPro 3D printing device of Boston-based beginup NVBOTS has been on our radar for a long time. Since its humble beginnings as a Fundable-bodied campaign to its arrival in schools and in significant corporate settings, we’ve been upcoming the company’s flagship printing device as its popularity has grown. Now you can finally purchase your own NVPro, as NVBOTS has revealed the general availability of the printing device as of yesterday.

The intrigue surrounding the NVPro’s development comes of the fact that it’s not just a 3D printing device – it is, according to NVBOTS, an “end-to-end 3D printing solution.” Designed specifically for use in classrooms and office environments where sat any timeal users are printing at once, the NVPro is a fully automated, hands-off printing device that can be operated remotely of any device, anywhere, and can run continuously 24 hours a day, instantly removing finished prints and begining the upcoming print job in the queue. Notably, NVBOTS was not long ago awarded a patent for their pioneering automated part removal advancement.


“Since our founding, NVBOTS has been committed to bringing on the not easy through 3D printing, while allowing at any timey NVBOTS customer to turn their ideas into realities,” said NVBOTS CEO AJ Perez. “Not just are we proud to announce the general availability of the NVPro, we take pride in the fact our customers are able-bodied to benefit of automated 3D printing advancement that has been patented — manufacturing NVBOTS the just 3D printing company offering bona fide automated part removal.”

In lieu of software, the cloud-based NVCloud platform allows for users to create and print parts of begin to finish without at any time being in the same room as the printing device itself. There’s no limit to the number of users who can send print jobs to the printing device at one time, and remote video monitoring allows for users to store an eye on their prints of smartphones or other devices no matter where they are.

NVPro-front-parts-thirdSo far, the NVPro has gotten rave reviews of the schools and organizations who have used it, that include beginup accelerator MassChallenge, that has been responsible for the commence of sat any timeal hundred beginups, both in the US and internationally, in the fields of advancement, healthcare, energy, social work and additional.

“MassChallenge enables beginups with the assist they require to donate on their advancements, offering resources in sat any timeal various areas, that include advancement,” said Scott Bailey, Managing Director of MassChallenge Boston. “Having access to a 3D Printing solution like the NVPro is particularly useful, based on its automated part removal showcase. With the NVPro, we can maintain a steady queue of print jobs running, without requiring someone to retrieve parts at any timey time they are printed.”

Those who purchase the NVPro can obtain access to the NVCloud and the NVLibrary, “a comprehensive library of most practice documentation, curricula, lesson plans and ready-to-print parts,” plus NVCare, that provides free assist and training for the initially 12 months after purchase. A few other specifications include:

Printer dimensions: 21″ x 22″ x 31″Build area: 7.5″ x 8″Build height: 9.5″Layer resolution: 100 micronsPrint speed: 50 mm/s – 180 mm/s

“We have advancement in our DNA and with this release of the NVPro we are empowering our customers to donate on their advancements additional than at any time before,” said Perez. “Whether you are a business in require of a rapid prototyping solution or a school seeking to inspire your students yet 3D printing, the NVPro is your 3D printing solution.”

Check out the NVPro in more detail at a lower place. Is this a machine you are interested in purchasing? Discuss in the NVPro 3D Printer forum over at 3DPB.com.