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Now you can make prettier and tougher 3D printed objects – 3D Printing Industry

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Never compromise beauty for durability with your 3D printed projects again. Thanks to Dymax Corporation, users can now print objects which please the eye and stand the test of time. Dymax’s latest Bomar® BR-970H is a ground-breaking stain resistant oligomer with high modulus, ideal for 2D and 3D inkjet printing applications, as well as graphic art applications.
With a shrinkage rate as low as 0.7% during cure, BR-970H is ideal for maintaining high end aesthetics on 3D printed parts. BR-970H in addition offers rapid cure and non-yellowing properties for higher optical clarity, and color stability for premium performance. Additionally, its low water absorption of 0.15 makes it particularly attractive for 3D printed parts which are exposed to high-humidity environments or washed with water-based solutions. With BR-970H, an ideal balance of durablity and flexibility can be achieved without blending with other oligomers. Compatible dispensing and curing equipment, as well as the version to use Dymax scaleup and making services are in addition on the market. BR-970H in addition allows for users to do much extra
with their project including:Easy to paint or finish for advantageous looking productsTack-free surface for movable partsFaster create when via extra
powerful lasersHigh & Low Tg for desired mechanical propertiesHigh impact resistance for extra
durable productsColor stability for advantageous aestheticsVariety of viscosities for desired flow characteristicsAbout Dymax Corporation
Dymax Corporation develops new oligomer, adhesive, coating, dispensing, and light-curing systems for applications in a wide range of markets. The company’s products are ideally matched to work seamlessly with every other, providing create engineers with tools to dramatically improve making efficiency and reduce costs. Major markets include aerospace, appliance, car, cosmetics, electronics, industrial, medical device, metal finishing, and UV-curable inks & coatings.
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