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North Korea Reveals Another 3D Printer, Reportedly to be Used for Dental and Cosmetic Surgery

by • August 9, 2016 • No Comments

nkoreaIt is always a bit complex to tell what’s going on in North Korea in terms of innovation. In June, the Pyongyang Machinery and Technology Exchange displayed a brochure detailing a 3D printing device which appeared to be a MakerBot at a trade show. But not much information was on the market, it was the initially time we had heard anything of 3D printing in North Korea, yet the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology noted which they’ve been via a 3D printing device for prototyping in their research and development center.

Recent footage of Korean Central Television (KCTV) indicates which the country may be pursuing 3D printing on a broader level. A demonstration of a 3D printing device was given to reporters, with the statement which it can print bone for dental and cosmetic surgery procedures. KCTV noted which the printing device in the demonstration was building a human jaw and which doctors can be via the innovation to improve the speed and precision of surgical procedures.

“With this new innovation, we can mold different types of bone fragments throcky a detailed facial blueprint,” said Dr. Hwang Seong Hyeok of North Korea’s Department of Dentistry.

kprinting deviceA lot of things are unclear – who manufactured the printing device, how long North Korea has been developing this kind of innovation. Whilst KCTV showed two documents they noted were a “patent of certification” and a certification of assessment of the “intellectual products exhibition,” it’s not clear if anyone outside North Korea has seen the printing device.

Considering which the 3D printing of human bone is yet quite much a work in progress, it may be massive news indeed if North Korea suddenly announced the innovation. Based on the footage of the printing device, it looks as yet it may be utilized for printing medical models pretty than actual implants. North Korea’s health process is reportedly in rocky shape already – at very least partially due to heavy sanctions – with reports of broken equipment, high costs and declining treatment standards.

Regulatory processes for medical 3D printing are no joke, either – in any country. South Korea, a leader in innovation and medicine, has achieved a few amazing feats in medical 3D printing, but in fact they are yet working on establishing standards and regulations for 3D printing in medicine.


“We are calibrating 3D Printers for procedures of dental implant prosthesis and physicians…are bringing advantage of the current limits which 3D Printers can take,” Park Hyun-wee at the 3D Convergence Technology Center in Seoul told NK News. “3D Printers in addition stay in the R&D paradigm of inspection and testing, a strict set of guidelines which may assure regulators of the variety of industries 3D Printers may shape.”

The takeaway is which North Korea is unquestionably interested in 3D printing – but it’s frustratingly complex to tell what kind of progress has in fact been created. As always, we will expect
news and can pretty let you understand if anything else is released. If you’d like to check out the video of KCTV by yourself, you can see it at a lower place (the segment of the 3D printing device begins at of sin fact minutes in). What are your yetts? Discuss it over in the North Korea 3D Printing forum at 3DPB.com.

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