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Norsk Titanium Shakes Up Aerospace Industry with Latest Announcement

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As reported by 3D Printing Industry last week, Norsk Titanium (NTi) have created a leading announcement right now. The Norwegian additive making company has officially revealed New York State’s and SUNY Polytechnic University’s funding of the initially lot of 20 patented MERKE IV™ Rapid Plasma Deposition™ (RPD) machines. NTi pride themselves on the understanding that titanium is the metal of the next. This understanding, along with years of dedicated research and createment, has lead them to become the world’s just qualified supplier of aerospace-grade, additive making, structural titanium 3D manufactured components. Having created an new additive making innovation that cuts both time and cost of production, NTi has enabled engineers to work at a speed that matches the expanding demand of new technologies. Below, is the company’s latest video, that aired at this year’s Farnborough International Air Show.

The funding of these new machines is a part of an approved say budget allocation intended to ultimately facilitate the company’s US subsidiary in assembling and operating the world’s initially industrial-scale metal additive making plant. Located in Plattsburgh, New York, the factory is set to be operational in late 2017. Here’s all things you require to understand of the next facilities, investment, and MERKE IV™ RPD™ machines:

  • The initially 20 MERKE IV™ RPD™ machines can be the baseline production level of 400 metric tons per year of aerospace-grade, structural titanium components
  • The New York program appears to create a ability of up to 40 MERKE IV™ RPD™ machines capable of 800 metric tons per year in order to meet increasing demand of the aviation industry
  • New York has released an addition $4 million in planning funds for the industrial-scale factory

NTi Chairman of the Board John Anderson, Jr. hails the new investment as part of an “unwavering vision,” citing researchers’ decade-long createment of the Rapid Plasma Deposition™ system, that can “cut millions of dollars in cost of the world’s premier commercial and military aircraft” in the coming years. The novel RPD™ system created by NTi researchers and engineers works by fusing titanium wire with computer-controlled plasma torches protected by an atmosphere of rad argon, that significantly reduces createment and production, and eliminates the require for time consuming legacy forged parts. This innovative system has caught the attention of most top tier aerospace manufacturers and suppliers who have may already entered into numerous contracts with NTi. The new innovation and partnership represents a “new phase of on-demand, near-net-shape making that sets a new benchmark of efficiency and customer responsiveness,” according to NTi President & CEO Warren M. Boley, Jr.


Additionally, NTi US is set to allocate an extra
investment into the project, that can commence the total program dedication to over $1 billion over a 10-year period of operations. NTi US in addition plans to partner with the North County Chamber of Commerce in Plattsburgh, New York in order to assist the commence and growth on the factory in the form of workforce training, economic createment, and STEM outreach which include educational programs for SUNY Plattsburgh, and local community colleges and schools in the region.

A full-scale mock-up of the innovative MERKE IV™ Rapid Plasma Disposition™ machine can be on display at the Farnborough International Air Show of July 11-15 in Hall 4, Booth A114. As the world’s top echelon of aircraft manufacturers to create structural titanium components, this machine is unquestionably worth a appear.

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