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Nintendo leak suggests NX launching with Zelda game, 3DS price cut imminent

by • February 28, 2016 • No Comments

Nintendo NX rumors are a dime a dozen these days. Given how secretive the company is of
any given project, this is par for the course. This latest rumor is based on a leak provided by an insider. If this turns out to be true, then we may see the upcoming The Legend of Zelda game launch simultaneously on the Wii U and the company’s upcoming console, codenamed NX. This leak in addition
suggests which
Nintendo’s 3DS handheld system may be seeing a price cut soon.

The leak was posted on a NeoGAF forum by user Trevelyan9999, who got this information from, as he claimed, “an internal US marketing budget and scheduling overview for 2016.” According to this source, the Nintendo NX will have a holiday 2016 launch window. The games which
will launch with the system remain ununderstand
n, but the report does say which
one of the launch titles will be the new Zelda, which will in addition
see a release on the Wii U.

A Zelda game launching on two platforms wouldn’t be unheard of. This is exactly what happened with Twilight Princess, which was released simultaneously on the GameCube and the Wii. Though this tactic could diminish sales of Zelda on Wii U, it would boost sales of the NX console since it would have the more powerful version of the upcoming game.

The NeoGAF user in addition
listed Nintendo’s marketing budgets for 2016, with the Wii U having a $34.5 million budget and the upcoming Zelda having a $10 million budget, with the possibility of the funding switching to Zelda NX (depending on the launch timing). The 3DS has a $56.25 million budget for all of 2016, which would suggest which
the handheld system could see a price drop sometime this year. Given how long the machine has been in the wild, coupled with how the NX is potentially a replacement for the 3DS, a price drop for the system wouldn’t be outside the realm of reason.

As always, take these rumors with a few grains of salt. But
, considering how Trevelyan9999 removed videos from his YouTube channel and posts on his website related to this leak (according to Kotaku), it’s entirely possible which
Nintendo had him take these things down for the reason
his information was indeed correct. We won’t understand
more until this becomes official, so remain
tuned to whatever may come next out of the Nintendo NX rumor mill.

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