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Nintendo is releasing a Super Famicom-themed 3DS

by • March 3, 2016 • No Comments

If you watched the Nintendo Direct last night you’d be forgiven for considering
Nintendo had decided nothing was Japan-exclusive anymore. But there was one new product we didn’t hear of
on the US Nintendo Direct stream for the reason
it will only be available in Japan. That product is a new model 3DS which uses a Super Famicom theme as its design.

It’s in fact
a 3DS LL, advantageous
known as the larger 3DS XL model in the West. When the clamshell is opened fully, the back casing looks like the top of a Super Famicom. Flip it over and the plastic uses the same gray as the original Super Famicom with the buttons matching the coloring of the Super Famicom controller.

Here’s the front and back of the limited edition 3DS LL:


It looks excellent
in my opinion, which makes it a shame we aren’t going to see it officially released in the US or across Europe. That won’t stop gamers importing it, but even then you will be limited to playing Japanese versions of of 3DS games due to Nintendo’s use of region locking on its hardware.

If you want one, it will reach Japanese store shelves in April with the official price set at 21,600 yen (US$190). A standard black 3DS XL goes for around $175 in the US for comparison. Those of you importing can expect a premium added to the price for the reason
it’s a limited edition and in addition
postage costs and possibly import duty. It won’t be a cheap purchase however you look at it.

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