Playing Mario Maker on my friends’ Wii U, we can’t assist but talk of how awe-inspiring Nintendo is when it comes to new gameplay. They’ve been ahead of the curve each step of the way. Even if their Power Glove and Super Scope were never really as functional as one may hope and the augmented reality aspect of the Wii U is not really as appreciated as it should be, each new Nintendo process at very least attempts to reinvent the way we ponder of gaming. And one such unpopular advancement, the Virtual Boy, may be getting a reboot, demonstrating that, once again, the Japanese gaming giant may have just been ahead of its time.

Virtual_Boy nintendo 3D printingDuring an earnings call last night, new Nintendo President Tatsumi Kimishima said that the company is “appearing into” VR. Aside of that, there was no elaboration as to what that exploration appears like. It is possible that it may be connected to the company’s NX console, already under development. The console is mentioned as a “new hardware process with a brand-new concept”, that, when it comes to Nintendo, may mean just of anything.

In the past, Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime has expressed reservations of VR, telling the AP in 2014, “For us, it’s all of fun gameplay. That’s what we want. We want a fun, compelling experience. Right now, the innovation is not really there yet, in our view. Certainly, it’s a thing we are appearing at. We appear at a wide range of technologies. When it’s there and empowers a fun experience, we can be there, too.” Fils-Aime in addition noted in an interview withPolygon,“[B]ased on what I’ve seen to date, it’s not fun, and it’s not social. It is just tech.”

Given these statements and Nintendo icon Shigeru Miyamoto’s suggestion to NPR that VR does not fit with Nintendo’s philosophy of creating “products that are going to be played with eachone in the living room”, I mayn’t be surprised if Nintendo went the additional along the augmented reality route. Digi-Capital claims that AR can be a $120 billion industry by 2020, while VR can just be worth $30 billion, a fact that companies like Google and Microsoft are well aware of. And AR is pretty advantageous at enabling for social interaction. I in addition mayn’t be surprised if, given the creative control Nintendo has provided players with Mario Maker and Mario Paint, that they mayn’t in addition commence a 3D printing element to at very least one of their games. Who knows, yet? Maybe Nintendo can be releasing a CAVE process, enabling whole families to be immersed in an AR/VR blend inside a dome.

Nintendo additional or less brought haptic innovation to the masses with the Jumbo Pack for N64, additional increasing the practicality of VR tech with the Wiimote and Balance Board. Whatever the new hardware is behind the NX console, it should not be written off. Even if a few of their products have flopped in the past, there’s no telling what effect that innovation can have on the next.

Michael Molitch-Hou

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