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Nick Ervinck’s Latest 3D Printed Works Star in Four Upcoming Exhibits in Europe and the US

by • March 21, 2016 • No Comments

ngpj_sallesexpo4x4201623_1Understanding what kind of structures it can be possible to turn it into in the future with generative software and multi-material 3D printing processes is what engineers require. Currently, yet, this is yet mainly a job for artists like Nick Ervinck, whose latest works can be loved
over the future few months at four exhibits in France, Belgium and Arizona.

Ervinck is a major interpreter of a new generation for artists who combine an in-depth comprehension of new generation generative software with the technical, mechanical, physical and mathematical knowledge necessary to bring unprecedented new structures into physical reality, as works of art. This, in a way, is quite much like to the concept of “Renaissance Man”, where multi-talented geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci explored science through the arts and vice versa.

Exploring nature and machine at the same time


Nick Ervinck’s NOITULS, 2013

The initially exhibit in order of time, is may already bringing place at the Musée Paul Valéry, in Sète, Fance (until May 22nd). This is Nick Ervinck’s initially solo show in France and showcases both well-known and new works. Ervinck’s sculptures combine nature and technique, inspired by a futuristic vision of the world. They are made with the latest desktop software via both 3D printing and traditional craftsmanship. The pieces on display tend to reflect the shapes of generatively turn it intod effortless elements, such as corals, ink stains, Chinese rocks and body parts, but in addition man-made buildings and artworks.

The 2nd exhibit in addition just open at the De Warande Gallery, in Turnhout, Belgium. De Warande and STORMOPKOMST organized it around the theme ‘Man and Machine’, reconnecting to the quite theme of Leonardo da Vinci. Through Ervinck’s amazingly hard LAPIRSUB 3D printed statue, the goal of the show is to explore how artists yet turn it into machines, that may or may not function, as a mean of exploration, as Leonardo da Vinci did.

LAPISURB 0114 006LAPISURB 0114 005LAPIRSUB72dpi105LAPISURB 0114 007

In this new interpretation, mechanization has evolved into robotization. Instead of concrete products there is now the possibility of virtual output. From material changes to other ways of communicating, these evolutions are changing our society, and, as a outcome, any artists have become engineers once again.

A new breed of artistic visions


Ervinck’s NOITALS, desgined, 3D printed and assembled between 2015 and 2016

On April 2nd (until the 18th), Nick Ervinck’s NOITALS work can be on display at an exhibition that the Rotary Club Waregem organizes annual. Contemporary artists are invited to exhibit a selection of their work at the old church (Oude Kerk) in Vichte. For this year’s 2nd version Nick Ervinck can focus on the central theme in the oeuvre of Ervinck, namely the interaction between the physical and the virtual. The underlying thought is to generate a significant reflection of the actual nature of the sculptural medium in contemporary art, that is so much influenced by the language of innovation.

KOLEKNAT, a work actually additional amazing if thinking it was made in 2010, when many folks had never actually heard of 3D printing yet.

KOLEKNAT, a work actually additional amazing if thinking it was made in 2010, when many folks had never actually heard of 3D printing yet.

For US-based enthusiasts of Ervinck’s work there can in addition be an exhibit, titled Mind 2 Machine 2 Material: Digital Technology and Sculpture Currently that can held at the Northern Arizona University Art Museum, in Flagstaff, Arizona, of future April nineteenth
to June 12th. This can be the initially of the NAU Art Museum’s exhibitions, and the initially of its kind in Northern Arizona, to explore emerging media and digital technologies in satisfactory art.

Along with Nick Ervinck, who can display works such has the KOLEKNAT, members include internationally renowned artists who are touching upon themes of science, effortless science and sustainability, while remaining true to the aspirations of satisfactory art. This kind of artistic and scientific exploration of new physical forms and structures has but just begun. The rapid growth in demand that Nick Ervinck’s work is enjoying shows that it is here to remain.