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Next Phase of Development Begins for The Hovalin, An Open Source 3D Printed Violin

by • May 3, 2016 • No Comments

hova3The Hovalin, made by Matt and Kaitlyn Hova, is a open source 3D printed violin which has succeded in much attention since the initially model was released. Now the upcoming phase of development has begun for the Hovalin 3.0, and Matt Hova has posted a blog entry and started a Reddit thread of the project which always stores improving in a collaborative effort by many Hovalin fans.

In the Hovalin website blog post, Hova explains what the many new plans are for the latest model. First, model 3.0 can “move away of the current carbon fiber rectangle to an 8 mm rod.” In addition, a lock can be made which can be utilized to store the top and bottom pieces together. Custom brims to prevent warping can be introduced, as well as possible chin and shoulder rests. Finally, Hova wants to “work out a new process for distributing multiple options for the .stls which include files with brim, files without brim, pre-sliced files with supports for the middle piece.” There are many changes in the works here, as you can see of just this list alone.

hova1One of the many astounding aspects of the Hovalin, in my estimate, is not just which the create is open source, but which the Hova team has been so great of communicating its latest revisions and intentions to all interested parties. For example, you can check out the latest CAD files here to see the Hovalin 3.0 in progress.

On Reddit, individuals have expressed enthusiasm for the latest Hovalin plans. One user by the name of “ImGumbyDamnIt” remarks on Hova’s intention to replace the carbon fiber rectangle:

“You can go a long way in the direction of holding the body together with the snap fit which you are createing, especially if you use a bit of glue. To which, you may add in addition
printed vertical ribs, like the bass bar which is discovered in the underside of the top of a wood violin, under the G string. You may dovetail this in place initially by sliding it into the mid section, than snapping on the top and bottom, in addition with dovetail groves for the ribs.”

ImGumbyDamnIt in addition has advice for Hova on how to firmly fasten the violin’s neck — just to donate a few examples of suggested improvements.

hova4“patcheudor” in addition pipes in here, explaining a “leading issue” with the Hovalin 2.0:

“…the leading issue I had with the 2.0 is which when the strings are tensioned, the entire body compresses on the front of the instrument while being in tension on the back, as a outcome gaps open up on the back so if you go with a locking mechanism, it’s just most likely necessary on the back. Personally, I’m effortless with superglue and plastic welding but I know which a lot of individuals aren’t.”

Given Hova’s own post of the plans for the 3.0, and all of the suggestions coming of individuals who have been engaged with the open source Hovalin project since it began, we see how the create of this musical instrument is truly a collective work in progress. I appear forward to seeing what comes of all of these efforts a couple of months of now. Are you interested in a 3D printed instrument? Discuss this one additional in the Hovalin 3.0 3D Printed Violin forum over at 3DPB.com.