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New PwC Study Showcases 3D Printing Trends Within Manufacturing

by • April 19, 2016 • No Comments

  • Just of two years ago, the pro services firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) published a study entitled “Disruptive Manufacturing Innovations Survey”, which detailed the present and assumeed following use of 3D printing innovation by US manufacturers. Now, PwC is revisiting which study to see where additive producing already stands. Through all of the market hype over the last few years, PwC’s new study appears to show 3D printing to be bringing a turn towards maturation. The newest study, entitled “3D Printing comes of age in US industrial producing”, focuses on three main facts which show a few vast changes in new 3D printing trends.

    The initially, features which there is additional producing and less tinkering taking place in the industry, in fact, 51% of US manufacturers have implemented 3D printing to their system in one way or another, while the amount of experimenting on how it can be applied has dropped down 17% (compared to 29% in the study of two years prior). The 2nd factor of the study is focutilized on the increased assumeations for high-volume production via 3D printing, 52% of the the manufacturers involved in the study assume additional huge production capabilities in the following three to five years. Lastly, is the question of what the many disruptive effect of 3D printing innovation can injure the many, which was split between having to restructure donate chains (22%) and threatening IP (22%).

    3d-printing-web-two-thirds But there are a lot of other areas inside the study which prove which 3D printing innovation appears to be ‘growing up’, there yet appears to be a few minute disappointment . For example, two years ago, 57% of the manufacturers participating in the study assumeed 3D printing innovation to be utilized additional for after-market parts in the following three to five years, which dropped to of 52% in the latest study. PwC in addition showed another drop in assumeations for creating obsolete parts through 3D printing, which went of 70% to 64% over the two year gap between their last study.

    Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 12.13.01 PM

    Overall, the PwC report is foretelling a bright path for 3D printing innovation inside the producing world. The amount of manufacturers not implementing 3D printing innovation continues to drop, while use for prototyping and production parts is on the rise. But, the dreams of via it for weight production and after-market parts appears to be falling down to reality, while additional manufacturers feel as if the largest barrier preventing the full version of 3D printing is the high price point. On the other hand much of the amazing industry news is centered around computer desktop 3D printing innovations, PwC features a following when the producing sector can be the largest innovators.

    “Not amazingly, manufacturers are yet quite much at the vanguard of 3D printing adoption and innovation,”PwC reported in the latest study. “While computer desktop printing devices and entrepreneurs may grab the headlines, manufacturers are in addition pushing 3D printing to its limits and are prime movers in ushering the innovation to higher maturity levels.”

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