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New popularity of 3D technology

by • April 11, 2016 • No Comments

  • Three-dimensional printing ability is increasing day by day. 3D is a technology that constantly finds new applications. With such technical technology the amount of guide labor is reduced to a minimum, delivering down production costs. For example, thanks to 3D printing, you can rapidly turn it into implants, weapons, clothing and actually food. It appears that additive printing possibilities are endless, and most most likely they really are. Now if you have 3D printing device at home, you can download file of any item and turn it into it immediately.

    Application areas of 3D are constantly growing. Even show business representatives took interest in this technology of the next. Now it can be no trouble to make extravagant decorations or fancy dress. 3D is applied actually in the creation of special consequences.

    Okay fan of the use of additive technologies in her work is outrageous Lady Gaga. During the presentation of her latest album ARTPOP she appeared in public in extraordinary dress, that was 3D printed. It is obvious that for the creation of the scenery for her videos additive technology is utilized as well.


    But a real breakthrough in the use of 3D in show business was the performance of Lady Gaga at the 58th Grammy award ceremony. Thanks to Intel technical assist, it was managed to turn it into the effect of the so-called digital skin. Making use of infrared sensing cameras, make-up was projected on the singer’s face and moved along with her facial expressions throughout the performance.

    Such an effect was achieved due to high-precision 3D scanning and harsh software code. Smooth visual display of this make-up became possible due to constant scanning of the singer of twelve various standpoints.

    Film industry has not been without additive technology for really long time. A massive amount stage props is printed: costumes, weapons and actually vehicles. Such production has great impact on the film budget.

    In the industry there is actually its own star – Objet30 Desktop 3D printing device of British company FBFX. For most years this printing device serves hand and foot most film companies. This machine can turn it into virtual CAD files inside the shortest possible period of time and and so print them.

    Perhaps the most example of the use of 3D printing device in filming is the creation of the Iron Man suit: thanks to 3D scanning of the actor, designers managed to turn it into the suit that fitted perfectly and didn’t hinder actor’s movements. If the suit had been turn it intod traditionally, it may have taken a lot of time to fit it on.


    An great example of the use of additive technology for costs reasons is the creation of vehicles utilized for stunts. For example, in Skyfall film during the chase a tiny copy of the car is utilized. It explodes at the end of the scene. To use the original Aston Martin DB 5 may cost at very least half a million pounds.

    Due to a wide range of materials, low cost and high speed of make, application areas of 3D technology become approximately limitless. Soon 3D printing can be as common as making process.

    In this regard, on May 20, 2016 Baku can host one-of-a-kind 3D Print Conference. The actuallyt is created to demonstrate how 3D printing can affect all spheres of life in Azerbaijan in the coming years and show all the possibilities of 3D equipment.

    A lot of developers, experts, scientists and businessmen can gather under the same roof in order to donate an impetus to a new industry in the country.

    Welcome to 3D Print Conference, that is to be held in the conference hall of Fairmont hotel in Baku.

    Detailed information is on the market on: http://3dprintconf.com/ru or by phone: +7 (495) 212-11-28.

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