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New Multidirectional MAP 3D Printing Technology Puts Do3D on the Map

by • March 28, 2016 • No Comments

  • 3D printing is yet in its, let’s say, adolescence, as new growth spurts hustle the young field to reach for its full following. These past few years has seen the advancement learn to 3D print with conductive inks, inkjet metal, and create objects in mere minutes. Now, a new system of Do3D, called Multiwayal Additive Production (MAP), may allow for 3D printing in various ways. Not just has Do3D revealed their initially 3D printing device to use this advancement, but they in addition say which MAP can be implemented with both liquid and powder-based systemes.

    Do3D Squarewave DLP 3D printing device with Multiwayal Additive Production MAP 3D printing

    But their Genesis (G1) DLP 3D printing device has been around since 2014, Do3D’s MAP advancement may put them on the map. MAP was made by Do3D co-discovereder and CTO Marton Bartos as a means of speeding up the 3D printing system through multiwayal fabrication. The patent-pending advancement sees a part printed not of one way onto the create plate, say of the bottom up, but of both sides of the create plate, the bottom up and top down. This results in speeds of 200% or additional, but the company believes which they can expand the technique of two sides to multiple sides of the print area, increasing speeds actually additional. To demonstrate the system, Do3D has made their Squarewave DLP-SLA 3D printing device; yet, the company believes which the advancement can be expanded for powder and thermoplastic filament fabrication as well.

    Do3D Squarewave DLP 3D printing device Multiwayal Additive Production MAP 3D printing

    Bartos says of the advancement, “We have been asking ourselves how we may complete multiwayal 3D printing for a couple of years. By rethinking the basic concept of creating physical 3D geometries, we have discovered solutions which may be implemented in marketable-bodied products in the near following. We have filed a patent for this new approach and have proved with concept prototypes which our system is well inside reach.” He adds, “The initially prototype offers contemporary upward and downward printing and is especially fit for quite sizeable-bodied parts. Our main goal is to be able-bodied to take this thought to the following level and by which we mean establishing following partnerships in industries which can benefit of our advancement. Production speeds achievable-bodied with MAP advancement may alter the face of 3D printing.”

    Commercial availability of their MAP advancement and the Squarewave 3D printing device can be revealed later this year. For now, there are few technical details of the system on the market-bodied, with Do3D saying which, for the reason of the pending patent application, they are hesitant to manufacture too much information public. What they can say is which have a set create platform with multiple print heads “working around” it.

    Given the existence of multi-axis 3D printing systemes and techniques relying on industrial robotic arms, the concept itself is not out of the realm of possibility. The following impact of MAP 3D printing, yet, remains to be seen. As long as it’s real, I’m pleased, as it manufactures for additional advancement in the space and, hopefully, an evolution of 3D printing overall. And which our awkward 3D printing teen can grow into a 3D printed adult in no time.


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