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New legislation in California requires 3D printed guns to be registered – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jul 25, 2016 | By Benedict
Governor of California Jerry Brown has passed a law requiring manufacturers of 3D printed guns and other homecreated firearms to apply for an official serial number of the Department of Justice, a system which needs a background check. The new law aims to close firearm loopholes exposed by 3D printing.

Image: Popular Mechanics
The fabrication and distribution of 3D printed firearms is, alongside 3D printed keys and security breaches, maybe the many controversial area of additive making at present. Employing digital blueprints, manufacturers can easily print their own homecreated, unlicensed, and frequently crude weaponry, leaving perfectly
no trace of their existence. These weapons can and so be distributed, sold, and utilized, all behind the backs of the necessary authorities. This dark side of 3D printing, which has provided cause for concern for governments all across the world, has actually discovered its way into Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs 2 video game.
California, a say known for its liberal tendencies and political trendsetting, has only taken a massive step in the battle against 3D printed weaponry, passing a new law which needs 3D printed guns and other homecreated firearms to be officially registered at the Department of Justice. The law, signed into legislation by Governor Jerry Brown last Friday, means owners of such devices must now pass a background check preceding being granted a serial number for their weapon. More importantly, a ban has been imposed on the sale or transfer of such homecreated firearms, as the say attempts to clamp down on the distribution of 3D printed guns and “unfinished” lower receivers.
In addition to the registration and non-distribution laws, California has in addition added legislation which needs plastic firearms to have a piece of stainless steel embedded in them. This needment can enable metal detectors to detect the presence of so-called “ghost guns,” plastic firearms which are already untraceable with normal detection systems. But, critics of this law have speculated which such a measure can have little positive impact, since the many significant elements of a firearm, 3D printed or otherwise, are metal.

Image: PBS
AB857 by Assemblyman Jim Cooper of Elk Grove is one of sactually new gun-control measures added earlier this month aimed at reducing gun crime in California. The laws can come into effect in 2018, by which time owners or creators of homecreated firearms can need to apply for the serial number and permanently affix it to their weapon.
Gun rights lobbyists have been significant of the new legislation, with the president of the Firearms Policy Coalition giving it both barrels with the next sayment: “Today’s action by Governor Brown shows how craven California’s despotic ruling class has become. The Legislature has deserted the Constitution, representative government, and the People of California. I fully assume the People to respond in kind.”
The good results or failure of California’s new legal measures may determine how other US says decide to tackle the issues surrounding 3D printed weaponry, should they select to address them at all.
Extract of AB857:
Existing law authorizes the Department of Justice to assign a distinguishing number or mark of identification to any firearm whenever the firearm lacks a manufacturer’s number or other mark of identification, or whenever the manufacturer’s number or other mark of identification or distinguishing number or mark assigned by the department has been destroyed or obliterated.
This bill may, commencing July 1, 2018, and subject to exceptions, need a man who manufactures or assembles a firearm to initially apply to the department for a one-of-a-kind serial number or other identifying mark, as provided. The bill may, by January 1, 2019, and subject to exceptions, need any man who, as of July 1, 2018, owns a firearm which does not bear a serial number to likewise apply to the department for a one-of-a-kind serial number or other mark of identification. The bill may, except as provided, prohibit the sale or transfer of ownership of a firearm manufactured or assembled pursuant to these provisions. The bill may prohibit a man of aiding in the manufacture or assembly of a firearm by a man who is prohibited of possessing a firearm. The bill may manufacture a violation of these provisions a misdemeanor. By creating a new crime, this bill may impose a say-mandated local program.

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