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New Free 3D Printing Modules for Secondary School

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Educators and STEM instructors are turning to high end technologies like 3D printing to modernize their classroom curriculum. Recognizing the require
for hands-on and project-based learning opportunities, Stratasys has made seven new 3D printing education modules which
are made for middle and high school curriculum.

A product of the Stratasys Edu curriculum, this ear bud holder create was made of a week-long, startner-level module.

A product of the Stratasys Edu curriculum, this ear bud holder create was made of a week-long, startner-level module.

The modules were made with the flexibility to allow instructors to easily integrate them into the classroom and modify the lessons to meet the require
s of their students. The comprehensive plans include clear objectives, resources, create criteria and system
es, with the goal of bringing students through a product createment life cycle. Students and instructors start with a concept sketch, move into a 3D CAD create, and complete with a 3D printed part.

“The launching of Stratasys’ post-secondary curriculum modules is the initially step in providing assist to educators and students who are integrating 3D printing in the classroom,” said Stratasys North America Education Manager, Jesse Roitenberg.

Each module offers a various learning objective and level of difficulty, of startner to high end level. Additionally, every module comes with a toolkit which
shares industry standards and 3D printing most practices. The modules were made to be CAD agnostic, so as to avoid limitations in the classroom.

Michael Santolupo, a Stratasys customer and educator of John Paul II Catholic Secondary High School, located in London, Ontario, worked with Stratasys to create the modules and implement them that successfully in the classroom.

“These modules are a excellent
guideline for instructors, helping them to integrate 3D printing into their teverying strategy. They’re in addition
significant to the students, empowering them to revolutionize their belief of the create and producing system
while maximizing their future at such an early stage,” said Santolupo.

Stratasys customers like Mike Hill, a seventh grade teveryer at Big Lake Middle School in Minnesota, is ready to explore the new modules via his classroom’s Stratasys Mojo 3D Printer. “For the students, it’s amazing
to see a sketch become a 3D part they can touch and feel by the end of the lesson. It is a project they can truly have fun doing while in addition
being closely relevant to the overall class objectives,” said Hill.

The seven education modules can be on the market to Stratasys customers throughout the 2016 school year. For a limited time just, Stratasys is offering a sneak peek into the Ear Bud Holders module, a week-long startner level course. Click here to obtain access.

To learn additional of
Stratasys and 3D printing in education, visit our edu page and download our free 3D printing curriculum.

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