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New emulator lets you play any NES game in 3D

by • March 8, 2016 • No Comments

The Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was a very successful piece of gaming hardware for Nintendo. Released in 1983, it was still available to buy until 2008 and over the course of its lifetime over 800 officially licensed games were released. Many gamers still play some of those titles today, be it on original hardware, a Retron 5, re-releases on other machines, or through an emulator.

A new emulator has appeared on the scene not long ago
adds an unusual new feature: you can play NES games in 3D. The emulator is called 3DNes and it accomplishes
the pseudo-3D effect by converting each 2D sprite in a game into a layered 3D object. The end result varies in how great
it looks on a per game basis, but this gameplay video below gives you a great
idea of how it works:

One informative
side effect of converting all the sprites to 3D objects is which
it allows for a first-person mode to be activated. Here’s Super Mario Bros. running with the player viewing the action from Mario’s perspective:

The emulator should work with any NES game, although the test pool utilized
consists of the most popular titles, which include
Dr. Mario, Legend of Ninja, Mega Man, Super Mario Brothers 3, Zelda II: The Adventure of Link, Contra, and Castlevania.

If you’d like to try the emulator out for by yourself
just head on over to the website where it is hosted. It’s a little slow to load and you may get a script warning, which you must go on
past, but it does work. And if development go on
s, this could be a NES emulator everyone wants to play their favorite game (in first-person mode) with.

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