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New Destiny 3D print: 5-foot-long Black Spindle sniper rifle – 3ders.org (blog)

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Apr 30, 2016 | By Benedict
Amateur maker and game-lover Lael Lee has created a 3D printed Black Spindle sniper rifle, as discovered in The Taken King, the latest expansion pack for Bungie’s talked about Destiny video game. The maker has entered the 5-foot-long 3D print into MyMiniFactory’s Playstation create contest.

When the initially installment of Bungie’s legendary Halo series of games was released back in 2001, the maker scene was much quieter than it is in our day. 3D printing create platform Thingiverse may not commence until seven years later, and household 3D printing devices were few and far between. That, yet, did not stop hordes of Master Chief wannabes of giving the 3D printing treatment to their favourite Halo weapons, outfits, and props, especially in the direction of the end of the franchise’s lifecycle. To this day, most makers go on to pay homage to the game with high-quality 3D printed replica gear.
On the other hand it has fared slightly worse with the critics than its earlier version did, Destiny—Bungie’s highly anticipated follow-up to the Halo franchise—came at precisely the right moment for amateur 3D printing connoisseurs. Since its release in 2014, the game has had scores of its in-game objects recreated on computer 3D printing devices around the globe; check out Fabbdea’s 3D printed Arcus rifle or maker-gamer legend Kirby Downey’s 3D printed Gjallahorn for a few satisfactory examples of such.

The latest addition to the 3D printed Destiny arsenal is the exotic Black Spindle sniper rifle, createed by maker Lael Lee. A cousin of the legendary Black Hammer sniper rifle of Year 1, the Black Spindle boasts a deadly attack rating of 290 and became on the market through the 2015 expansion pack The Taken King. Want to get your hands on a solid, 1:1 replica of the Black Spindle? Of course you do—that’s why Lee has uploaded his create to MyMiniFactory, where each download of the 3D printable weapon can offer to the maker’s quest to win the MMF Playstation create contest.
At over five feet long and weighing between seven and eight pounds, the 3D printed Black Spindle sniper rifle is, as its createer claims, “a BEAST”. It showcases a removable magazine and LED illumination, and has been createed to accommodate several 4.8mm reinforcement rods—not a a bad thought, given the sheer dimensions of the thing. Lee printed his version in Hatchbox PLA (around 2.1kg of it) on a ROBO 3D R1 +PLUS 3D printing device, at a 0.2mm layer thickness, with supports. For those looking to create the Black Spindle themselves, only a few extra components are required: 30 LEDs, electrical wire, a battery connector, and an SPST slide switch. Good luck, gamers!

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