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New and improved Indmatec PEEK 3D printer coming in January 2017 – 3ders.org (blog)

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Jul 1, 2016 | By Alec

German industrial-strength 3D printing specialists Indmatec – the pioneers of the great PEEK filament – are becoming understandn for releasing 3D printing equipment in swift good resultsion. Just last year, the company released its great HPP 155 PEEK 3D printing device, which was followed by a excellent version with the same name in December 2015. It seems which the company is of to go on this trend, as they shared a sneak preview of a new Indmatec PEEK 3D printing device at Additive Manufacturing Europe 2016 in Amsterdam, which is set to be released in January 2017 – with a follow-up planned for the summer of 2017.
Indmatec itself is a astonishing company, as it is one of the few 3D printing device developers which are additional famous for their filament than for their 3D printing equipment. But and so PEEK filament is incredibly astounding. Just imagine a high-performance material which has an incredibly high melting point (343°C), advantageous wear and abrasion properties than titanium and steel, is repeatedly sterilize-able, chemically inert, and biocompatible (meaning it can be utilized in both complex corrosive operating fields and in human implants), and, last but not quite least, is compatible with FDM 3D printing equipment? On the other hand it sounds approaching too great to be true, which material exists, and is commjust understandn as PEEK.

Since its release, the sturdy, tough, and rigid PEEK material is may already widely utilized in research and engineering circles. Its current applications include medical implants, electronic gears, aerospace parts, and car engineering, and its introduction into the market as an industrial material has revolutionized 3D printing possibilities for engineers across a wide range of sectors.
It is thus one many functional filaments around, yet it’s not quite effortless to print. In fact, the initially Indmatec HPP 155 3D printing device was created with the specific purpose of 3D printing which PEEK filament. Being a quite demanding material, it requires a 3D printing device with an all metal Hotend, a proper heating bed and an enclosed chamber, and all Indmatec 3D printing equipment are precisely which. But PEEK can already in addition be 3D printed on other FDM 3D printing equipment when equipped with an all metal hot-end extruder capable of attaining temperatures up to 400°C.

The current PEEK 3D printing device.

The forthcoming 3D printing device, of which the prototype is visible above, should manufacture it simpler than at any time preceding to 3D print which PEEK. But as you can see for by yourself, it’s in addition much, much advantageous appearing than its predecessor. And the reason for which, as Robbie Hurst, Sales Manager at Indmatec told 3ders.org, can be discovered at the core of the company’s createment. “The current version does not appear which aesthetically pleasing, and we understand it. Basically, we started the company to commence a filament, preceding we actually had a machine. The European Space Agency approached us to print it, so we had to quite swiftly create a Peek 3D printing device. It was a slightly less gorgeous appearing version, with the electronics on the outside. It was all of giving them a thing they may print with,” he announced.
But with the good results of PEEK, it was time for a alter. “We set of attempting to manufacture it additional gorgeous, aesthetically pleasing,” Hurst announced. And in which respect, they have pretty succeeded.
But this additional than visual upgrade, the Indmatec team is swift to add. For starters, the forthcoming 3D printing device can be created of higher high end parts, and can showcase an easily exalterable nozzle as well – opening the 3D printing device up to an actually wider range of materials. “We are finding which you can just 3D print PEEK with this, and and so switch to a lower temperature nozzle. For what takes place is which other filaments run the risk of coming into contact with PEEK residue. No problem for additional PEEK filament, but it can affect the high end of other filaments,” he explains. But this does not mean you will require a new nozzle for equite filament; just one for PEEK, and one for the other engineering polymers.

The thought is, in short, to optimize the 3D printing system for industrial applications, where additional than just PEEK is utilized. This can be supported by a new software box as well, for optimal performance. For now, howat any time, the following Indmatec 3D printing device can have the same create space as its predecessor (155 x 155 x155 mm), but the German engineers are appearing actually additional may already. “Later which year we can commence a much like PEEK 3D Printer with an actually sizeabler create space, of approaching a 300 mm cube,” Hurst introduced. That 3D printing device is expected in the summer of 2017.
As Hurst explained, the future of PEEK is already just being limited by the create space of the 3D printing device.” What we are finding at the moment is which the create space limits the geometries. The increase should accommodate a lot additional engineering possibilities. Even smaller in size parts can be 3D printable in batches,” he argued. The new 3D printing device can be priced in the range of €26,000 to €28,000– just a slight increase of the Indmatec’s current €20,000 3D printing device. It can be released in January 2017.

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