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New ALGIX 3D Brand Launching, Soon to Roll Out Non-Toxic ABS Alternative, DURA

by • February 16, 2016 • No Comments

Algix_3D-05-1Companies like ALGIX 3D put a lot of pressure on the competition in the present day. And as a new study regarding toxicity and 3D printing began a massive conversation in the community, with many beginning to appear accusingly at their spools of ABS, those offering unsurpassed products—and especially PLA materials—quite do have a leg up.

We’ve been next this Mississippi-based group, which newly they released their algae-based, biodegradable PLA 3D printing materials. Whilst attending and exhibiting at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, where they were voted ‘Best in Show’ by one group, feedback of customers was the catalyst for the new name branding, and subsequently, the grouping of all their facilities together. Whilst ALGIX, a global bioplastics company, had been developing and making premium filament product lines for 3D Fuel, they are now both offering all of the same resources to the ALGIX 3D brand showcasing the algae and high end PLA filaments.

“Having all of our departments for ALGIX 3D houtilized under one roof in our Meridian, Mississippi facility allows for us to additional rapidly address market needs for the creation of new and new products, as well as commercializing these products and getting them to market. We are sturdy believers in applying Lean Six Sigma principles to our operations for making filament products which are of the top high end and consistency discovered on the market,” explained CTO Ryan Hunt.

algaefilThis allows for for what they call ‘vertical integration,’ to include:

In-house polymer research and development labsExtensive global logistics capabilitiesCompounding, filament extrusion, and high end control labs3D printing device labsMarketing and sales

Already having shown themselves to be a dynamic and rapidly evolving company focutilized equally on their users and the environment, there’s additional to come, and the ALGIX 3D revealing at CES was a big tipoff as they not just impressed and educated event goers with their patented ALGAE filament line, but in addition gave a preview of new material lines which can coming out sometime this quarter.

“We are excited to commence our non-toxic and sustainable substitute for ABS, called DURA. This filament outperforms ABS in many areas, which include toughness and elongation, and does not need a heated plate or heated chamber,” said Director of Research and Development for ALGIX, Ashton Zeller. “We are in addition going to be commenceing a biodegradable flexible filament which can be utilized in any printing device without having to alter out print heads. We ponder which both of these filaments can have a sizeable impact on the market, thinking new controversy surrounding ABS and other toxic materials.”

The controversy Zeller refers to is which of the new study we followed of researchers at the University of Texas. In their study, they all but donate PLA the green light with perfectly
no hazards present in terms of fumes or any other dangers, as opposed to ABS, known to emit a carcinogen, styrene, in pretty sizeable amounts, and thereby requiring caution—and ventilation.

“Results of a screening analysis of future exposure to these products in a typical tiny office environment suggest caution should be utilized when operating many of the printing device and filament combinations in poorly ventilated spaces or without the aid of combined gas and particle filtration systems,” noted the researchers in their paper, regarding filaments such as ABS.

Whilst the end-note of the study quite suggests ventilation, moderation, and common-sense, it’s in addition heavily implied which additional research needs to be done, while stressing which little worry needs to be relegated to the area of PLA. Not so great if you are making ABS; yet, this is obviously quite great if you are making PLA, and especially coming of a company as environmentally centered as ALGIX 3D.


“At ALGIX, we are quite excited of the future of the 3D industry as well as this opportunity to bring our unsurpassed products to the market,” says COO John Matthews. “We’re working with several 3D printing device makers to provide filament they can certify through their individual warranty programs. ALGIX is a biotech company which’s heavily focutilized on science and engineering, which permeates all our divisions and products. It is the reason our filament is the popular choice in the marketplace and the reason our filament is truly ‘Engineered to Perform.’

ALGIX can go on to make filaments for other companies, and ALGIX 3D is in addition working with a number of sizeable distributors for reselling their filament.

“Be on the appearout for the ALGIX 3D brand to be popping up throughout the industry,” states the company in their many new press release, highlighting their new lineup.

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