When searching for a flight, hotel, room, or car rental for an upcoming vacation, quite a few people use price comparison websites such as Expedia or Priceline in hopes of discovering the most lucrative deal across the travel market. And, as there are often an abundance of airlines and hotels to choose between, the same may be applied to 3D design marketplaces, which are constantly expanding in both quantity and quality. From 3D marketplaces such as Thingiverse to 3D printing service providers like Shapeways, access to 3D content is becoming increasingly available and therefore additional competitive. That’s why Michael Golubev, Anja Pujic, and Charlie Leduc have created the Ottawa-based 3Dprintler.com, a price search engine strictly focused on 3D printing services.

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Earlier this month at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, the 3Dprintler.com team officially launched their monetization API, which is meant to help 3D designers market and donate their printable designs. Both designers and 3D printing service bureaus will embed a 3dprintler button on their website, which, once clicked, will immediately compare prices between 3D printing vendors such as Shapeways, Sculpteo, i.materialise, and others. While comparing prices between exception vendors, 3Dprintler.com will in addition be informing the consumers on the estimated cost to print their elected design in over 256 materials, ranging anywhere of high-quality nylon to platinum.

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Whether you wish to compare 3D printing vendors based on price, quality, or even location, 3Dprintler.com will allow users to elect and browse through their own personal criteria. This new API is meant to help customers find advantageous prices, and, thus, help designers to sell their 3D products on a much larger scale than at any time preceding. The team is currently looking for man investors and 3D printing enthusiasts to help solidify their database of 3D printing service bureaus.


The ultimate goal of 3Dprintler.com appears to entail making 3D printing a additional simplified and accessible system for at any timeyone involved. In the meantime, the introduction of their API will hopefully drive up the competition and innovation for vendors and 3D designers, while simultaneously driving down the prices for the at any timeyday consumer.

Tyler Koslow

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