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New 3D Printer M3D Pro Hits Kickstarter – Hackaday

by • August 17, 2016 • No Comments

M3D only launched their 2nd 3D printing device on Kickstarter. The M3D Pro offers additional pro showcases than its predecessor, the M3D Micro, which is yet one of cheapest 3D printing devices around. Despite the higher price of $499, the campaign reached its $100,000 funding goal inside hours.

The M3D Pro lures high end users with a heated print bed of tempered glass, a larger create volume of 191 x 178 x 178 mm (7.5 x 7 x 7 inches) and a full-metal hotend which stands up to 270 °C. With 80 mm/s printing speed and 150 mm/s for travel moves, the Pro is notably faster than the Micro. The machine supports standalone printing of an internal memory, auto bed leveling, and resumes prints after filament shortages or power-loss. M3D in addition confidently comes with a two-year warranty in all M3D Pro offerings.
Frankly, which all sounds like such a excellent deal it may ring our alarm bells if M3D hadn’t may already that successfully shipped a much like product. M3D does not actually need you to buy chipped filament cartridges. A high-spec printing device which looks excellent, with a fully integrated software solution and at an inexpensive
price may be precisely the all-round carefree box a lot of hesitant buyers have been waiting for.
But, the M in M3D in addition stands for marketing. With M3D advertising the Pro to showcase a “Pro Sensor Network”, providing “full sensor feedback on all the motion axes” through “the same systems which created cell phones able-bodied to provide navigation guidance”, we pretty can’t assist to store our print-quality expectations where they were with the M3D Micro. Can our readers manufacture sense of this? Let us understand in the comments!

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