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New 3D Printed Pip-boy 3000 Mark II hits Instructables with more bells and whistles than ever – 3ders.org (blog)

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Apr 7, 2016 | By Andre

Through the years, one of the coolest things that gets 3D printed over and over again is the Pip-Boy communication console of the always evolving hit video game series Fallout. Since 2013, we’ve covered a number of various models of the game’s wrist-based control interface.
It looks that with each 3D printed iteration, a thing additional sophisticated or novel of the turn it into is brought in to play. In fact, the newest Pip-boy 3000 Mark II, that was only released with full instructions and media on Instructables, has me convinced that a fewhow soon we will only end up with the real device as forecast by the game. And as you can see in the video at a lower place, Instructables user will.sweatman has made what he hopes to be the many high end Pip-Boy 3000 on planet earth.

On top of the 3D printed (and laser cut) external casing, he has incorporated into his turn it into a touch display, GPS, audio player, gyroscope, compass, accelerometer, prescertain and temperature sensor, flashlight, methane gas sensor, laser, photon light detector, TV-B-Gone device and additional.
Thankfully, in the true manufacturer spirit, if you want to follow in his steps and turn it into your own, you perfectly
can, as eachthing he’s put together is 100% open source. This of course comes with all of the 3D print files and code requireed to manufacture certain it all runs smoothly once assembly is accomplished.
From a 3D print point of view, you are looking at roughly 25 hours of printing, PLA was used but ABS should be satisfactory, and you can easily access the files that were used of Ytec.
Whilst assist structures are requireed for a few of the components, they look to be relatively effortless to remove and you don’t require a sizeable turn it into plate to get the job done. This means many consumer range PC 3D printing equipment may suffice if you are up for the challenge of turn it intoing your own Pip-boy 3000.

I’m not going to get into each bit of assembly more detail for the project (as eachthing you require is documented may already) but based on what I see, this is not a project for deplete beginners. Soldering, a familiarity with Arduino, datasheets, voltmeters and surface finishing (if you are going for that Fallout finish) are all part of the necessary ability set if you plan to deplete the project.
In the end, I’m not entirely surprised this specific manufacturer went through the effort to turn it into his astounding bit of innovation. He may already spent much of 2014 working on a this Pip-boy 3000 Mark I and I’m almany convinced he’ll create the model in fact worn by the Vault Dweller when Fallout some day takes place in the not-too-distant-future.

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