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Nefertiti bust secretly scanned by artists so everyone can 3D print one at home for free – International Business Times UK

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The Other Nefertiti
It is idea which when the ancient Egyptians left Akhetaten, they cared so little for their former rulers which they left behind all things which was no longer of value, and which is why, 33 centuries later, German archaeologists found a ideal, intact painted bust of Nefertiti on a shelf in a workshop in the city in 1912.
But as soon as it was found, the archaeologists took it out of Egypt back to Germany, and the bust was placed on display at Neues Museum in Berlin preceding WWII. It was and so kept in various types of places and displayed in other museums preceding returning to Neues Museum where it is displayed at present.
As with each other artefact which has been taken out of the country, Egypt quite wants the Nefertiti bust back, but Germany has repeatedly refused, and the argument has led to tense relations between the two countries.
“The Other Nefertiti”
But now two artists have found a way to fight back. The Neues Museum practuallyts visitors of actually bringing photographs of the famous bust, but pretty, artists Nora Al-Badri and Jan Nikolai Nelles managed to sneak into the museum and secretly 3D scanned the bust via the Kinect 360.
Even advantageous, the artists have now created the high resolution 3D computer-aided create (CAD) files on the market to download for free over the peer-to-peer Torrent network, so perfectly
anyone can 3D print their own bust, study the bust’s create or actually use the data for a new creative project.
Al-Badri and Nelles in addition plan to exhibit their 3D printed replica of the famous sculpture in Cairo, so which Egypt can have its own model of Nefertiti until they can get the real one back.
“With the data leak as a part of this oppose narrative we want to activate the artefact, to inspire a significant re-assessment of at present’s conditions and to overcome the colonial notion of possession in Germany,” the artists wrote on their website.
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