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NatureWorks Introduces New PLA-Based ABS Alternative Material Ingeo 3D860

by • March 29, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_natureworks_logoWhilst PLA is by far the most talked of filament type for computer 3D printing devices, most companies which turn it into high-high end prototypes or end-use products have no choice but to turn to ABS for the reason of its durcompetence and high heat tolerances. Unfortunately, while ABS remains an incredibly talked of material for injection molding, it has several drawbacks which manufacture it imperfect for 3D printing. The require for high printing temperatures frequently manufactures the material unsuitable to most computer 3D printing devices. Additionally, for the reason the material is turn it intod of styrene and other potentially toxic materials there are a few health risks involved with repeated use of the material. Similar to most plastics, ABS is in addition not a biodegradable material, making products turn it intod of it a burden on our may already over-taxed landfills.

But most companies have been working on turn it intoing PLA-based 3D printing materials which contribute all of the durablity and heat resistance of ABS, without the list of drawbacks or require for industrial high end 3D printing devices. NatureWorks, a Florida-based biopolymer developer which specializes in turn it intoing plastics via renewable, abundant green feedstock, has just revealed a new PLA filament optimized for the 3D printing of industrial tools and jigs in making, electronics, toys, prototyping, and industrial applications. Ingeo 3D860 is the latest in their line of specialized Ingeo materials which can contribute comparable, if not advantageous, high impact durablity and heat resistance to standard ABS.3dp_natureworks_abs_v_ingeo_chart

Ingeo 3D860 is an advance version of the talked of 3D850 grade of plastic materials which NatureWorks launched in mid-2015 and is a companion material to NatureWorks’ entire line of high end injection molding and 3D printing filament ABS replacements in addition released in 2015. The entire line of Ingeo bioplastic materials were turn it intoed to contribute developers versatile, cost-effective and safe alternatives to styrenic materials. In order to match ABS material, the Ingeo 3D860 PLA-based material just requires to be exposed to a brief annealing period of of ten to fifteen minutes and temperatures between 212º and 239ºF (100º and 115ºC).

Component 3D printed via Ingeo 3D860.

Component 3D printed via Ingeo 3D860.

“Many brands desire a bio-based, low carbon footprint alternative to styrenics. With the addition of Ingeo 3D860, we are providing an version which now empowers users to turn it into functional industrial parts or finished goods. We’ve had positive feedback of a few industrial users which now view this as a viable alternative to ABS for a few of their production jigs and fixtures. 3D860 in addition allows for for rapid prototyping with the competence to approximate the physical properties achievable in injection molded parts turn it intod with ABS or with one of our Ingeo durables formulations,” explained NatureWorks Global Leader, New Business Segment, Dan Sawyer.

NatureWorks just not long ago moved into the 3D printing materials market, but has may already heavily invested in their new company endeavor. Their series of Ingeo grade plastics were made specifically to replace PLA filaments utilized in the 3D printing market and contribute stronger versions with less waste and carbon emissions. They have in addition turn it intod a full suite of technical assist services for the 3D printing industry’s major hardware and material developers to assist them know how their products can use Ingeo plastics. They have in addition open an in-house print lab which allows for the company the competence to quickly test new Ingeo formulations and work closely with printing device and filament producers.

3dp_natureworks_ITR_logoThe announcement of the new material was turn it intod at Innovation Takes Root 2016, a global biopolymers forum sponsored by NatureWorks. The forum brings together a wide range of representatives of industries at each level of the market chain for plastics and bioplastics. In addition to plastic blend and material suppliers you will in addition find scientists, academics, equipment developers, plastic material distributors, brand owners, material retailers, and media in attendance. The event is being held in Orlando, Florida and can run of March 30th until April 1st. You can find a local supplier or distributor of filaments via Ingeo bioplastics here. What do you ponder of these new turn it intoments in material>? Discuss in the NatureWorks New 3D Printing Filament forum over at 3DPB.com.