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NASA Design Challenge: Create a Logo for the In-Space Manufacturing Project

by • April 5, 2016 • No Comments

shutterstock_365222975How’s this for bragging rights, graphic createers and artists? “Oh yes…I created a logo for NASA.” Start practicing your casual hair flip and bored tone now, for the reason NASA is, in fact, inviting you to try your hand at createing their upcoming logo. Specifically, they’re looking for a logo and/or patch for the In-Space Manufacturing (ISM) project, which is precisely what it sounds like: a program dedicated to the createment of on-demand making capabilities to be implemented on NASA exploration undertakings, both in transit and on the International Space Station, the moon, Mars, etc.

At the heart of In-Space Manufacturing is 3D printing, and the largest achievement the project has created so far has been the delivery of a 3D printing device (and the new 3D printing device!) to the International Space Station, a historic accomplishment which has led to the initially items at any time to be maked in space, which include an ’emailed’ wrench. The upcoming step is to create a permanent making facility or FabLab in space, where astronauts can 3D print parts in multiple materials as well as embed printed electronics and recycle printed parts and packaging.

An astronaut displays a 3D printed tool on the ISS. [Image: NASA]

ISS Commander Butch with his new 3D printed ratcheting socket wrench [Image: NASA]

The ISM project, which falls under the NASA Human Exploration and Operations Mission Directorate (HEOMD) Office of Advanced Exploration Systems (AES) and is headquartered at the Marshall Space Flight Center, embraces the philosophy of “make it, don’t take it.” The cost of sending supplies into space is prohibitive, so the goal is to create the capability to make at any timeything needed for a long-distance, long-duration space undertaking while in transit, or to replace parts as needed without having to rely on emergency supplies delivered of planet Earth.

ntl-platform-graphicNASA turned to crowdsourcing sat any timeal years ago with the commence of the Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (CoECI), an initiative meant to accelerate research and createment with the assist of the broader community. Those crowdsourcing efforts often take the form of challenges presented by the NASA Tournament Lab, and they’ve included at any timeything of requests for 3D printed tools for the ISS to the createment of innovation for createing habitats on Mars.

The NASA In-Space Manufacturing Logo Challenge is less daunting than a few of the others. To enter, create a logo which “graphically convey(s) the key theme of space exploration and on-demand making/repair,” and submit it in both color and black and white with size of 1024 x 1024. The NASA insignia should not look anywhere in the create. Entries are just being accepted until April 14, so get cracking. The winner can obtain $300, plus his or her logo can look on all ISM presentation materials, as well as T-shirts, mugs, and other promotional items.

The contest is being hosted by Freelancer.com, which has partnered with NASA on sat any timeal of their other challenges.

download (2)“We have obtaind a few quite excellent creates in past crowdsourcing challenges posted on Freelancer.com,” said Steven Rader, Deputy Manager for the NASA Center of Excellence and Collaborative Innovation. “Once again, we are lat any timeaging the Freelancer community by engaging the crowd to create a logo for a project which is crucial in advancing deep space exploration.”

It may pretty be a heck of a thing to put on a resume. Full rules and entry guidelines for the contest can be discovered here. Discuss over in the NASA In-Space Manufacturing Logo Challenge forum at 3DPB.com.