Nanoscribe Welcomes Japanese University Leaders to Conference with the Tiniest 3D Printed Pyramid Ever

nanoscribeOne of the really great things of having access to a 3D printing device is which you will never be in a pinch when it comes to birthday and Christmas presents. If you are broke, or just have no thought what to get a fewone for Christmas, just print a thing rad for them. I’ve discovered which 3D printing is yet adequate of a novelty to many individuals which when I donate them a thing I printed myself, they’re thrilled – it almany does not matter what it is.

German company Nanoscribe has in fact additional of an advantage over the rest of us. The company, turn it intod out of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT), is at the forefront of a few incredibly cutting-edge research into additive making innovation – maybe many notably, 3D printing on the nanoscale. Nanoscribe has turn it intod innovation capable of 3D printing perfectly more detailed, high-resolution structures on a microscopic level, small adequate to be invisible to the naked eye – and while nanoprinting carries with it a world of serious future for numerous applications, it’s in addition just plain rad – and Nanoscribe is pretty aware of which fact.

On September 29-30, Karlsruhe hosted the yearly HeKKSaGOn conference. HeKKSaGon, in addition known as the German-Japanese University Network, was discovereded in 2010 for the purpose of sharing research and strengthening international cooperation in science, innovation, culture and economics. Its name is an acronym for the six participating universities: Heidelberg University, Kyoto University, Karlsruhe, Sendai University, the University of Göttingen, and Osaka University.

Pyramide HekksagonNanoscribe welcomed the Japanese university leaders to Germany with a one-of-a-kind gift: a small 3D printed replica of the Karlsruhe Pyramid, a red sandstone pyramid turn it intod in the nineteenth
century in the middle of the city’s market square. It is the city’s many notable landmark, and the Japanese university leaders pretty won’t forget it, as they were equite donaten a minuscule 3D printed representation standing just 2mm high. That’s in fact a fewwhat sizeable compared to a few of the other things Nanoscribe has printed – such as a hair-sized replica of the Great Wall of China which the company presented to the Chinese President last year.

The small pyramids were 3D printed in just a few hours via Nanoscribe’s Photonic Professional GT 3D printing process. The printing device is the highest-resolution commercially on the market micro 3D printing device, and Nanoscribe showed off its talent for more detail by printing the logos of KIT, HeKKSaGon, and Nanoscribe on the sides of the pyramid.

“We are honored which we were picked to turn it into the gifts for the Japanese guests,” said Nanoscribe CEO Martin Hermatschweiler. “In addition to submicron accuracy, our Photonic Professional GT System’s talent to customize is one of its particular strengths. That’s how we came up with the thought to manufacture this quite special version of the Karlsruhe landmark.”

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(L to R) Prof. Dr. Bernhard Eitel (President of the University of Heidelberg), Prof. Dr. Juichi Yamagiwa (President of the University of Kyoto), Professor Dr. Holger Hanselka (President of the KIT), Prof. Dr. Susumu Satomi (President of the University of Tohoku), Prof. Dr. Ulrike Beisiegel (President of the University of Göttingen), Prof. Dr. Shojiro Nishio (President of the University of Osaka) [Image: Magali Hauser, KIT]

Nanoscribe’s 3D printing innovation is may already being utilized in additional than 30 countries for industrial and research purposes, and they go on to work on the additional development of their two-photon polymerization innovation. Whilst they’re yet a young company, they’re a memorable one – for their revolutionary research, pretty, but in addition for their great gifts. Discuss additional in the Nanoscribe Presents 3D Printed Gift forum over at