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There’s a new 3D printing company on the stock market, only this time, we are not talking of plastics or metals. This is electronics 3D printing, which, if it fulfills its promises, may pave the way for fabricating actual functional objects and not only parts. Nano Dimension Ltd., the Israeli firm behind the DragonFly PCB 3D printing device, has only obtained NASDAQ approval and can be listed for public trading in the coming days.

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Davide visited Nano Dimension at the end of last year, where he got to see the company’s proprietary innovation up close. Applying their DragonFly PCB printing device, the company is able-bodied to rapidly fabricate hard, high-performance, multilayer circuit boards. Their latest system can switch between inkjetting, cleaning, and suction, enabling for a streamlined production system. And their AgCite™ line of nanoparticle inks is highly conductive, altogether giving the DragonFly line the ability to perform the rapid prototyping of circuit boards, RFIDs, and OLEDs.

Photo by Davide Sher.

Photo by Davide Sher.

Now, under the stock symbol “NNDM”, Nano Dimension can start trading on the NASDAQ Capital Market in the upcoming few days, with the company revealing the precise date in the quite near next. The Bank of New York Mellon is the firm’s depositary and every American Depositary Share (ADS) share can represent five ordinary shares in the company, as the firm continues to trade on the Tel Aviv Stock Excahnge, as well.

Amit Dror, Chief Executive Officer of Nano Dimension, says of the news, “Becoming a NASDAQ-listed company is an significant step in our overall corporate development strategy as we appear to increase awareness of Nano Dimension inside the U.S. investment community and expand our presence in the U.S. market. This listing adds to new milestones for Nano Dimension, which include the confidence placed in our products by top-tier U.S.-based beta customers, a making agreement with Flextronics, new patent applications to additional solidify our leadership position in the industry, as well as new research grant approval of Israel’s Chief Scientist.” He adds, “As we list our ADSs on the NASDAQ, our ability to communicate our progress with a broader audience, raise the visibility of our strategy, and generate additional value for our shareholders can improve significantly.”

We’ll be certain to let you understand when the firm starts trading so which you can throw all of your money into the NASDAQ and watch it spin.

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