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MyMiniFactory Rolls Out Springtime 3D Design Competitions: Smartwatches, PlayStation, Jewellery and More!

by • March 15, 2016 • No Comments

Spring is arriving, Daylight Savings is may aleager here, and you may find by yourself getting that old spring back into your step — feeling eager for anything. Well, for all the 3D create and printing fans one of us, there’s a way to channel this extra seasonal energy. MyMiniFactory has revealed a slate of new create competitions — Pebble accessories, PlayStation accessories, jewellery, and 3D “Sprinting” — that include a thing for just of everyone. So check out the details at a lower place for all of these springtime challenges, and win by yourself a few awea few 3D printing prizes while honing and sharing new 3D create and printing skills.

Pebble Accessory Design Competition


Are you acquainted with the Pebble Smartwatch? It is an attractively createed watch that comes in three styles: Pebble Round, Pebble Time, and Pebble Steel. Conveniently, this is in addition how the 3D create competition for the smartwatch is organized, too. Pebble and MyMiniFactory want you to submit as most creates as you like for the three categories here, but you can just win in one. What kind of creates are appropriate? Think cases, stands, straps, and attachments — those kinds of smartwatch accessories. The prize in every category is that same smartwatch you select to create for. Just submit your create by March 31, 2016 with voting to open April 12 and closing April 19, 2016.

If this is your initially time hearing of the competition, don’t sweat it. You yet have additional than two weeks to come up with a must-have 3D createed and printable accessory for that may aleager astonishing smartwatch — the Pebble.

PlayStation 3D Print Design Competition

peb2Attention, gamers! Submit any Sony PlayStation related creates like props, armor, weapons, or game characters in this create challenge. The hours you may aleager spend on your PS4 may have led you to imagine a plethora of things you’d like to 3D create and print for your favourite game. Now’s the time to do it, for the reason you can finally fulfill that urge while in addition entering your create to win awea few prizes like a PlayStation 4, headset, 2 controllers and games for initially prize. Second prize can get you a PS4 Game Bundle and controllers.

Be creative, as MyMiniFactory explains:

“Ever dreamed of seeing Drake or Sack Boy or Cole or Sly or Jak or Daxter or Spyro or Ratchet or Clank or Kratos or Lara or Snake or Cloud or Ico or Sora or Dante or Joel or Ellie bought to life with 3D printing? Ever wished you may wield those awea few weapons of Soul Caliber or God of War or Final Fantasy or Demon Souls? Well now is your accident to manufacture it happen!”

You can submit creates here until March 31, 2016 and just like in the Pebble competition, the voting can open April 12 and close April 19, 2016.

Jewellery Competition


3 Winners. 3 Designs. 3 Silver Castings. It is as easy as that in this 3D createed and printable jewellery competition that closes on March 25, 2016. You can submit your create to be 3D printed in sterling silver here, with the accident to win in one of the upcoming three categories: one ring, one pendant, and one pair of earrings. Not just can you win your create in sterling silver, but your jewellery work can be sold in the MyMiniFactory Shop, sold in London’s iMakr keep, photographed by Cedric Tosoni and his team, and showcased by style blogger Gina Doost (while in addition getting a few high end social media time on Instagram). From the sound of this competition, winning one of the categories can manufacture you an swift 3D printable jewellery createing star!

3D Print Speed Challenge/Parrot Design Competition

peb4In addition, don’t forget to check out MyMiniFactory’s 3D Sprint Speed Challenge, that begins March 23, 2016 at 6:00 PM Greenwich Mean Time! You can enter by emailing TV@myminifactory.com if you ponder you have what it takes to 3D print the most rapidly.

Finally, the Parrot Design Competition, that called for submissions for Parrot drone accessories, is now closed. Winners can be revealed in the upcoming few days — so remain tuned for that announcement of MyMiniFactory.

Now, I don’t want to take up any additional of your time since, as you can see, there are most ways to expend that extra springtime energy and win excellent prizes while you are at it. Get eager to submit rad 3D printable accessories and jewellery soon. Good luck! Are you planning to manufacture a submission? Tell us of it in the MyMiniFactory 3D Design Competitions forum over at 3DPB.com.