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MyMiniFactory: Join The New & Exclusive Group of 3D Printing Designers in The Studios

by • April 11, 2016 • No Comments

Untitled“At MyMiniFactory we truly believe that with the use of 3D printing, talented 3D createers are going to usher in the following revolution in creativity and innovation.”

For those engaged in the realm of 3D create and printing, you’d be hard-pressed to find a extra
well-loved and trusted social platform than MyMiniFactory. From engaging and fun competitions to a wide array of micro:bit 3D printing projects for schoolchildren, MyMiniFactory encompasses the quite definition of the word dynamic in terms of what they contribute to createers, consumers, and those with interest in 3D on any level; in fact, if you polled createers and shoppers as to what MyMiniFactory means to them, you may most likely hear a long list of various answers. Currently at London’s MMF, yet, the key word is Studio.

Inviting createers around the world to participate in yet another level of the 3D revolution, the world’s major curated social platform for 3D printable-bodied objects is introducing The Studios. And as to what can take place there? It all sounds quite darned great, of course. 3D createers can appear forward to extra
empowerment. They can reach out for extra
opportunities to realize their ambitions and goals—and most amazing for the entrepreneurial crowd, they can manufacture an income while pursuing their passion and creating a very own brand.

UntitledAre you an experienced createer that can be interested in working with MyMiniFactory? For The Studios, they are may already seeking createers who may want to join exclusively, in the areas of:

Home and GardenJewelryGadgets and ElectronicsToys and GamesProps and Cosplay

“We are of course caning to work with createers who do not fall into the above categories as well, so if you ponder you have what it takes and so get in touch!” states the MMF team.

As an exclusive studio createer at MMF, you may be able-bodied to appear forward to numerous and amazing benefits such as revenue share, that is a program you can sign up for and manufacture money, depending on how talked of your creates are on the site. You can in addition appear forward to via and ‘unlocking a slew of’ extra
premium site showcases of MMF that may allow you to learn along the way too, with the use of a variety of tools and high end analytics that can be quite helpful in business and assessing social media, as well as giving you extra
control of your 3D objects, according to MMF.

Marketing and exposure is of course the largest perk, and while your creates can be awe-inspiring, you will benefit of the huge amount of traffic may already coming to MMF.

“We can work with you to optimize your profile and grow your brand, as well as conduct marketing and outreach on your behalf,” states MMF.


GoPro Pistol Grip by Jurica Pranjic, All Star MMF createer.

The Studios may already has several all-stars in residence:

Jeff Lagant, in addition understandn as ‘StarJeff,’ is of France. With an interest in mechanical engineering, he manufactures a variety of 3D prints related to gaming and movies, and enjoys via numerous alternative materials too, of PET to LayBrick, with his Ultimanufacturer 2.Jurica Pranjic of Switzerland is a createer and manufacturer of toys, robots, and ‘functional creates.’ He enjoys via an Ultimanufacturer 3D printing device for most projects.Daniel Lilygreen is a mechanical engineer in Wales who uses Solidworks on a daily basis for making CAD models and drawings. His 3D printing device of choice is a brand new Deltatrix Black Edition printing device.

You can learn extra
of these createers at MyMiniFactory here, and if you are interested in joining The Studios, fill out a short request form and let MMF understand why you ponder you may be a great addition to their team. Discuss in the 3D Designers Studios at MMF forum over at 3DPB.com.