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Most Read 3D Printing Articles – April 2, 2016

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  • mojoptix 3D printed digital sundial

    The World’s First Digital Sundial, Made Possible with 3D Printing

    Time, the elusive measurement of entropy that ticks away our moments until death (and possible rebirth?). That measurement has mutated of easy sundials to rigorous smartwatches without its actual meaning at any time being…

    3D printed caravaggio flagellation of christ MakersForArt

    Caravaggio’s “Flagellation of Christ” 3D Printed for the Blind

    Work by the Italian Baroque painter Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio demonstrates that humanity had evolved past the flat and emotionless artwork of the medieval era and into one of depth and passion…

    Zhuhai CTC Electronic Walnut 26 Metal 3D Printer

    CTC Electronic Unveils Metal 3D Printer Range

    Zhuhai CTC Electronic Co., Ltd is one of the additional absorbing companies to me. A quickly expanding Chinese company, with a pre-3D printing making record, I yet have a lot to learn of their management and the…

    colorpod color 3D printing

    $350 Colorpod Converts FDM to Full-Color Powderbed 3D Printer

    But there have been numerous attempts to bring full-color 3D printing to the PC, the innovation is yet far of widespread and low-cost. The closest solution already on the market is the $5,995 full-color ARKe paper


    Pixelstone is 3D Brick Laying for the 21st Century

    Upon news that Desamanera, that offers large-scale stone 3D printing, is coming to the United States, I have learned of a Dutch startup that has scaled 3D printed construction down, instead. A spin-off of Lab3D, that we …

    Do3D Squarewave DLP 3D printing device with Multidirectional Additive Production MAP 3D printing

    New Multidirectional MAP 3D Printing Technology Puts Do3D on the Map

    3D printing is yet in its, let’s say, adolescence, as new growth spurts hustle the young field to reach for its full future. These past few years has seen the innovation learn to 3D print with conductive inks, inkjet metal, and…


    Review: MatterHackers T10 Tablet Puts 3D Printing Right into Your Hands

    Whether you are creating on only one 3D printing device or monitoring an entire room full of them, it’s just about not easy to have your eyes glued to the print bed for the entire printing system. On the other hand, as a whole, 3D printing devices are…

    SLASH LCD SLA 3D Printer of UNIZ in workshop

    SLASH 3D Printer Promises Faster Speeds than Carbon 3D

    The PC 3D printing revolution has been underway for years now, but it’s revealing no signs of slowing down. As the hype bubble burst, new companies require to bring truly compelling showcases to the scene in order to acquire the…

    The remains of Solidoodle

    The remains of Solidoodle

    Amid Customer Complaints, Solidoodle Finally Announces Suspension of Operations

    Earlier this month, we covered what seemed to be ominous message of the Solidoodle, the Brooklyn-based 3D printing device company started by former MakerBot COO Sam Cervantes, that claimed on their website, “Attention …


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