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More Ultimaker Upgrades: Cura 2.1 is Now in Open Beta

by • April 18, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_ultimanufacturer_logoIt hasn’t yet been really a year since Ultimanufacturer revealed which they had completely reworked their talked of Cura software. In the spirit of constant improvement and innovation, yet, the company has now declared which they’ve redone the 3D software again, and it’s advantageous than at any time. Cura 2.1 is now on the market in open beta, and it’s full of new and improved showcases for beginners and experienced users alike.

Similar to last time, Ultimanufacturer states which Cura has been “completely reengineered of the ground up.” Advanced users can be cheerful to understand which there are now additional than 140 new customizable settings, and a new, additional intuitive user interface manufactures the software actually additional beginner-friendly than preceding. The redesign manufactures for “an actually additional seamless integration between hardware, software and materials” and primes it for next developments. Users can appear forward to expanded line pattern and line width settings, additional specialized assists, and additional.ultimanufacturer-2-front-3d-printer-2

New showcases include:

The aptitude to choose and manipulate multiple objects at one time or to group them togetherAn undo/redo showcaseA new GUI which empowers custom profiles to easily load, directly of Cura3MF file loading assistAn intuitive new showcase which allows for you to move objects at a lower place the create plate to correct a rocky bottom or print just part of an object. Ultimanufacturer notes which this design was previously on the market as a setting, but which the “implementation greatly differs” of the older showcase.An optimized 64-bit design for Windows which allows for the loading of larger version filesAutomatic calculations of optimal settings for number of lines or layersAbility to choose various profiles for individual objects and override individual settings in high end mode

assist_conicalThe Cura Engine now comes with fixes for common problems, such as an alternate skin rotation which combats top-layer pillowing and an alternate extra wall for advantageous infill adhesion. A “combing” showcase empowers the print head to move around may already-printed parts to avoid collisions. Sat any timeal “experimental” showcases are in addition included, like a conical assist design, a draft shield setting which prints a 1-layer wall around the part to practuallyt air of hitting it and causing warping, and a cool-sounding “fuzzy skin” design which prints outer walls with a jittering motion for a “diffused” finish.

Additional changes to the Cura Engine include new settings for shells, infills, print speed, cooling and assists. Material waste is minimized with a retraction setting which allows for you to compensate for oozed material after a travel move, plus a coasting showcase which reduces oozing altogether by replacing the end of print paths with a short travel move.

Supported 3D printing devices include:

The gang's all here. Ultimanufacturer Original, Original+, Ultimanufacturer 2 Family, Ultimanufacturer 2+ FamilyBQ Prusa i3BQ Witbox3D Maker StarterRigidBotMalyan M180German RepRap Neo

You can find out additional of Cura’s new showcases here. The open beta design of Cura 2.1 is now on the market for download, and Ultimanufacturer appears forward to receiving community feedback to assist manufacture the software actually advantageous. Do you ponder it was time for another release may already? Let’s discuss over in the New Cura 2.1 Release forum at 3DPB.com.