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Microsoft Japan Uses 3D Printing and Minecraft to Teach Students Basic Coding

by • April 7, 2016 • No Comments

3dp_minecraft_logoThere has not long ago been a movement to bring additional STEM education into the classroom of educators and innovation advocates all over the world. The reality is which the next of high-tech product development can need a working knowledge of STEM skills and concepts, so integrating it into the educational workflow is a fewhow significant if any school wants to create students eager for life in the 21st century. Unfortunately there has been really a bit of resistance, not so much for the reason schools are uncaning to teach additional well-rounded subjects but pretty for the reason most educators just don’t know how to manufacture it part of their curriculum.

Choosing educational games has been a tried and true method for manufacturing education additional palatable to children for years. Whilst educational games like flash cards predate digital educational games by decades, video games like Oregon Trail were created to assist a new generation of children learn history and strategy by via modern tools like computer desktop computers. The purpose of both flash cards and Oregon Trail are the same: take complex or tedious educational material and dress it up as a fun-to-play game to assist acquaintedize students with concepts and ideas which may traditionally bore them. It is sort of the “spoonful of sugar manufactures the medicine go down” approach to education.

Microsoft Japan has decided to use this approach to innovation education with their new take on to bring coding, programming and 3D printing into Japanese middle schools. The Japan-based Microsoft subsidiary teamed up with Japanese 3D printing service provider Kabuku and the Rinkak Avatar 3D Printing Solution for a pilot guide project which aims to commence students to basic coding concepts and digital fabrication via the world of Minecraft. The pilot program is a test case for the ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Dream School Council of The Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of Japan.3dp_minecraft_printed__collection

The ICT Dream School’s new course is called Digital House Making and is being offered to grade six students of the Sarugaku Elementary School in Tokyo with ten 45-minute sessions. Each student can create and create their own createing or structure and and so have it 3D printed for them. The class was set up to use the acquainted game language of Minecraft to encourage the students to learn additional of basic coding and 3D printing innovation. The ultimate goal is to assist the young students learn new skills and hopefully donate them the desire to go on with their programming lessons.

In order to provide the students with their 3D printed createings Kabuku integrated the Rinkak Avatar 3D printing app into the Minecraft game. With the app, once the student’s structure is done they can just send the createing off to be 3D printed as duplicates of their Minecraft structure. Once Kabuku 3D prints the createings via full color sandstone it is sent directly to the classroom so the students can go on their coding and 3D printing innovation lessons.3dp_minecraft_printed_example

Whilst it is yet too early to judge the good results of the project, so far it appears to be really promising. Early indications are which holding a 3D printed copy of their Minecraft createing manufactures it simpler for students to know how programming and coding is utilized to create virtual objects. You can learn additional of the class and see a few of the student works over on the Rinkak website. Are you a Minecraft fan? What do you ponder of this project? Discuss in the Microsoft Japan and Minecraft 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.