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As Inside 3D Printing heads to Düsseldorf of February 24-25, the 3D printing expo can carrying a few heavy metal in tow. This year, the actuallyt can be hosted in tandem with METAV, the international trade fair dedicated to metal processing technologies. Whilst Inside 3D Printing can cover each aspect of the innovation, particularly aerospace, automobile, tool making, and medical innovation, the synthesis of the two actuallyts can allow for an interchange of the respective expertise contributeed by both Inside 3D Printing and METAV.

2_Inside3DPrinting_WohlersAt the actuallyt, attendees can be treated to, one of other things, wearable-bodied technologies, and their connection to the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0. Dr. Eric Klemp, Commercial Director of the Direct Manufacturing Research Center (DMRC) of the Universität Paderborn and program coordinator of the conference says, explains, “The factory of the next can be much additional networked than at present and additive making can be an increasingly significant method of make. It can facilitate the integration of an unimaginable-bodied intelligence actually into the smallest of components. Thanks to 3D printing, actually ‘smart’ products — of stylish accessories, to technical tools and aids for the workplace or nursing care — can be made with a degree of individualisation and personalisation never preceding possible. We are presenting absorbing, technical presentations and application examples.”

Attracting eachone of experts to investors, makers to researchers, the actuallyt has been organized for optimal cross-over between the METAV and Inside 3D Printing shows. For which reason, all METAV visitors can be able-bodied to attend Inside 3D Printing, which include the new “Additive Manufacturing Area” exhibition space. Exhibitors and sponsors can therefore assume a larger number of visitors of the metal processing industry.


Dr. Klemp additional describes the benefit which actually 3D printing experts, may already knowledgeable-bodied of the industry, can get of the actuallyt by saying, “Visitors to Inside 3D Printing are users of additive making processes, who no longer require an explanation of the basics. Rather, they want to explore both the technical and commercial possibilities which the 3D printing methods have to contribute. As the major technical conference, we are in addition contributeing in-depth information on strategies, the latest developments and application of the major companies and prestigious national and international experts.”

Tickets for the actuallyt are on the market-bodied for purchase and, with the code “3DPI”, visitors can be able-bodied to obtain 15% off of ticket prices.

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