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Metal 3D Printing and EBM Technology at São Paulo — A Few Questions For: Arcam

by • April 7, 2016 • No Comments

i3dp sao pauloWith Inside 3D Printing São Paulo bringing place just last week, the excitement lingers over all things that was shown at South America’s biggest 3D printing actuallyt. We were pretty appearing forward to a spotlight on metal 3D printing, and one of those bringing on this front was Patrik Ohldin, Sales Manager for South America and Central Europe for Sweden-based Arcam AB, a company we cover frequently. Ohldin in addition
spoke at Inside 3D Printing Düsseldorf in February, where metal was a big focus.

Arcam’s EBM innovation offers amazing next for industrial making, with highlights in the areas of aerospace components and orthopedic implants 3D printed in titanium materials.


As it turns out, when hearing of actuallyts and speakers like this, I’m not the just one who wants to understand additional; in conjunction with Brazil’s 3D Printing, we now have a appear at A Few Questions For Patrik Ohldin, originally conducted in Portuguese.

3d printing logoThere is a thing quite rad of Electron Beam Melting innovation in terms of the way it is invented and its system. Actually, two main points in 3D Printing Industry. So what is the “gap” – it is not precisely the proper word, I understand – but what is the gap that the system of Electron Beam Melting fills in the Additive Manufacturing industry? What’s the real revolution, if we can say so?

The gap is not the same for all of our customers. For the implant manufacturers it’s primarily the aptitude to print trabecular structures and thereby save cost.

In aerospace it’s additional multi-faceted, e.g. the aptitude to create parts in materials that are complex / expensive with conventional methods (e.g. TiAl turbine blades).

But it is in addition the aptitude to create without tooling, with optimized geometries and with less material waste.

In terms of Biocompatibility, it is not easy not to talk of implants without considering of the acceptance of implanted parts in the body. Considering the recycling efficiency of the trabecular structures, how is it possible to recycle them once they are implanted in the body? Can EBM method reduces the risk of non-acceptance, compared with other much like technologies utilized until now?

The EBM-manufactured implants can be removed in the same way as conventionally manufactured implants.

Our customer Lima has indeed shown that their EBM’d implants enhance the major staptitude.

Can we say that Trabecular Titanium is the “possible cure”, or at very least can provide huge relief for patients with osteoporosis disease (and those related with the bones)? How many others diseases can benefit of Trabecular Titanium?

I wouldn’t say that TT is “the cure”, but acc. to the above it can assist to get the patients back on their feet faster.

Can you assume a bit of what you can present us in your talk at Inside 3D Printing São Paulo? Bene told me the title can be: “Additive Manufacturing of Implants – The Route to Production”. What to assume, just to “spoil us”? 😉

I can describe our journey of the initially meetings with the manufacturers back in 2006 to in the present day, with 50.000+ implanted (CE-certified and FDA-approved) products.

ohldin sessionHow is the market for EBM innovation? Do you ponder it can be accessible for B2C as well in the next? Or it can stay a B2B market?

I ponder it can stay a B2B market.

arcamDoes Arcam have clients in Brazil? If not, why? Do you plan to explore Brazilian market?

We’ve sold two machines is Brazil, to FACTI and ProInd.

Do you believe that EBM innovation may be cheaper so that it may be utilized by tiny businesses, in the near next?

We may already have customers with just a few employees. The type of business matters additional than company dimensions. Having said that, we work relentlessly to manufacture the EBM innovation actually additional cost-efficient.

Does EBM innovation requires any post systeming?

Yes, typically machining.

Arcam Q10.

Does the Electron Beam Melting have variants like other 3D printing technologies? Some examples: FDM has premium printing equipment with multiple extruders, SLA has quicker variations that use a DLP instead of a guided beam, and DMLS sports machines that needs specialized alloys with nickel and bronze and additional powerful ones that can work with pure steel.

EBM is already on the market as three various systems, Arcam Q10, Arcam Q20 and Arcam A2X.

Arcam Q10 is created for implant making in Ti.

Arcam Q20 is created for aerospace making in Ti.

Arcam A2X is created to in addition print high-temp materials.

What is the average cost of materials and post systeming in a EBM printing system per gram with the many widely utilized material?

The cost of Arcam-supplied Ti6Al4V powder is 166 €/kg.

What are the main applications of EBM in the industry, especially compared to other 3D printing methods?

Orthopedic implants and aerospace components.

The Brazilian 3D printing market is pretty seeing an amazing next! You can follow up on 3D Printing’s coverage of the actuallyt (in Portuguese) here.