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At the TED conference in Vancouver, Canada yesterday, one company dazzled the crowds with a innovation that can signals the rise of augmented reality to take place this year. Having launched an augmented reality device in 2014, Meta was on stage at TED with the latest design of their headset, the Meta 2 development kit.

meron-gribetz meta 2 ted talk

Meron Gribetz speaks at TED2016 – Dream, February 15-19, 2016, Vancouver Convention Center, Vancouver, Canada. Photo: Bret Hartman / TED

Meta CEO Meron Gribetz whipped the 2nd design of their development kit out of at a lower place a red sheet preceding giving the audience a glance of what the next can appear like without PC desktops. Gribetz expalined, “Today’s desktops are so awe-inspiring that we fail to notice how dreadful they quite are. The next of desktops is not locked within screens. It is right here, within of us… You are the OS, you live between windows.”

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Gribetz and so showed off a few demos for the Meta 2 headset, that include a “holographic” video call, that takes Google Hangouts and Facetime a step additional by in fact projecting the man your chatting with into the room, right in front of you. The CEO in addition demonstrated how virtual objects can be held and manipulated through gesture control, via the astonishing example of a “glass brain“.

Since initially covering Meta in 2014, the latest design of the headset has increased its field of view and performance, that may additional than manufacture up for the bulkiness of the device. But, it can’t be much sillier appearing than the HoloLens, if you plan on wearing a face desktop. But Microsoft was hoping to conquer the AR market with their own process, that is shipping to developers this quarter, it appears that they may have competition of the likes of Meta, whose TED performance has been circulating around the web since it occurred. Both companies, yet, can have to store their eyes set on Magic Leap, who, with significant assist of Google, plans to project AR directly into the retinas of its wearers. Until and so, we can wait for additional information of the Meta 2 DK to come out around March 2, a date that Meta’s website appears to be counting down to as we speak.

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