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Melding Medical & 3D Printing: Stratasys as Benefactor & Partner in Creating Center of Excellence with Jacobs Institute

by • April 25, 2016 • No Comments

Stratasys-3Stratasys has stamped an indelible mark on the world as one of the major manufacturers of 3D printing devices, materials, and solutions, with little to no hesitation in momentum since they started out 27 years ago. We follow the tech titan on virtually a daily basis as they turn it into one milestone after another, whether it’s a huge new invention or a smaller in size niche advancement on the style front, for example, to inspirational programs enabling students to use free educational modules via Stratasys or assembling excitement surrounding their newest machine, such as the J750 multi-material 3D printing device. This is a company with a seriously sturdy history that continues just to manufacture additional—and frequently now a days that is in addition taking place with a expanding list of significant collaborations.

Now, Stratasys has announced a new partner, in the form of the New York-based Jacobs Institute (JI)—and they have excellence in mind as they team up to see 3D printing as the catalyst for numerous new medical applications in the upcoming.

Jacobs Logo 2cIndeed, together they can form a Center of Excellence where Stratasys can bring their most years of experience and resulting 3D printing innovation to the table-bodied for both developing and testing a range of new prototypes and versions that can in the upcoming evolve into 3D printed medical devices. The goal is to see these versions and devices in the clinical atmosphere for training, education, and assistance.

Stratasys and the Jacobs Institute assume the results of their efforts to manufacture a positive impact on a variety of audiences, yet, with the COE benefitting most as it serves as a referral center for those thinking forging ahead with their own 3D printing labs. And they’ve pretty hit the nail on the head for offering assist, as most are interested in getting started. Whilst it may be effortless to purchase a 3D printing device—or five or twenty-five—we’ve followed cases, for example, in the university atmosphere, where organization is key, as well as mapping out a plan for who can be via the machinery and for what.


Hillary Clinton examining vascular version generated on a Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 3D Printer with Dr. Adnan H. Siddiqui, Chief Medical Officer, The Jacobs Institute [Photo: Business Wire]

This Center of Excellence can pretty have the most of foundations to start with and thrive on into the upcoming as Stratasys can be behind supplying all the 3D printing solutions—and who may ask for additional? Famous for their multi-material, multi-color printing innovation, the global leader can be able-bodied to hand an array of selections to the center, enabling for various options, like varying levels of rigidity, opacity and additional as advancement ensues.

“This announcement with the Jacobs Institute is an significant milestone, marking the initially time we are formally partnering with a medical organization to explore the amazing opportunities of 3D printing and healthcare,” said Scott Rader, General Manager, Medical Solutions, Stratasys. “Stratasys brings decades of experience to the Jacobs Institute, a leader in 3D printed versions, to hustle the boundaries of how these versions can be utilized to train the upcoming generation of physicians, and test new devices.”

The Jacobs Institute pretty may not have turn it intod a advantageous partnership, as experts of Stratasys can be on hand for collaborating in studies—both technical and clinical—that integrate 3D printing applications. Very significantly, it has been announced that the tech titan can in addition be offering financial backing for significant research and development projects. Without a doubt, we will be next closely to see what significant projects are born of this level of teamwork, that undeniably can benefit others, and maybe most around the world, next in the general trend of 3D printing and medical research. Discuss in the Stratasys Partners with Jacobs Institute for Medical 3D Printing forum over at 3DPB.com.


Vascular testing version utilized to validate new medical devices that treat brain aneurysms, generated on the Stratasys Objet500 Connex3 3D Printer [Photo: Business Wire]

[Source / Images: Business Wire]